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Thanksgiving Winners

30 Nov
Congratulations to our Thanksgiving contest winners, Twitter followers, 2doxies2,SLThrun3 and LoveMyVDub. Meet our Thanksgiving popcorn characters!
We hope that you and your family had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Meet our #Popcornmonsters!

2 Nov
Congratulations to Michelle, Sameer, Dan and Lisa for naming our #popcornmonsters!

We had a lot of fun creating them and got some amazing entries.We hope you enjoyed playing along as much as we enjoyed choosing their names from your entries.

Stay tuned, our popcorn creatures are sure to return soon!


Our Father’s Day Popcorn Winners!

17 Jun


The following popcorn lovers won popcorn for their Dads this Father’s Day.
Recently, Popcorn Palace ran a contest to celebrate fathers across the USA where entrants entered to win a tin of gourmet popcorn via Twitter (@popcornpalace) and Facebook. To win, they had to tell what made their Dads great and why their father’s deserved the gift of popcorn.
Here are our five wining entries (In no particular order):
Barbara Wright: I want to give my Dad the gift of popcorn because he can fix anything. And not only can he fix stuff, but he doesn’t give me a hard time for not learning how to do it myself!

Lisa Wolter Anderson: I want to give my Dad/Father the gift of popcorn because he has been my rock since my Mom passed away 24 years ago. He is always there for me through thick & thin! He has also become the father figure for my 9 yr old since her father is not in the picture. My Dad always thinks about other people before himself. I have many great memories growing up and he would be making popcorn on the weekends with an old kettle popper.

Joanne Schultz: I want to give my Dad the gift of popcorn because he’s worked hard all his life to provide for his family, sent 2 kids to college, maintained their house and cars, so he deserves a treat!
@2boysblue: My dad deserves #poppalace because he is such a sweetie and loves his munchies and movies.

Julie Jones: I want to give my dad the gift of popcorn because he’s a movie freak and loves popcorn. And for me these two things just go hand in hand. Mmm. Thanks!

Well done to our winners. We sure hope your Dads shared their delicious gourmet popcorn with you!

Lisa Wolter Anderson: “My Dad loved the tub of popcorn that I won for him for the Father’s Day contest. Thank you so much!”

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