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For every kid, one at a time

10 Jan

When Pastor James Shelton, first arrived at Loop Baptist Church, he was shocked that the church did not have a Youth Ministry.  He deep down knew that the community would enjoy some of the perks that other churches offer their youth like youth camp, mission trips, and other youth activities.


But since the church is located in a small farming area, it is hard to fund such events.  Then along came Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program. This makes the third year of being able to take the kids to youth camp and the first year on being able to include mission trips.

“I was most pleasantly surprised by great success we had selling flavored popcorn in such a small community. But then again the popcorn is very good and very favorable. No one has been disappointed with any they have bought. Some wished they would have bought more or the bigger size.”

Pastor James Shelton adds, “If we in a small community and small area can have a successful fundraiser with Popcorn Palace then anyone can!”


For more information about Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program, visit http://popcornpalace.com/Home/Fundraising.

Twirl Mania!

28 Feb

Baton twirling is an artistic and aerobic sport that promotes physical fitness. Twirling combines dance and gymnastics while manipulating one, two or three batons. Baton is done individually, in pairs and in teams.

The 19-member team ranges in age from elementary school to college students. The Brattleboro Area Baton Twirlers have performed in high profile events such as the Half Time Show at Patriot’s Stadium to the National Independence Day Parade in Washington DC as well has many local parades, variety shows, health fairs and exhibitions.


The Twirlers hold various fundraisers to raise money for their trips, as well as for new uniforms and a larger team banner.

“We are constantly searching for new opportunities,” says Cheryl Atamaniuk, “Every money raised counts towards subsidizing costs.”

To view performance clips, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLBPjiFoilU

Got Kickball?

14 Feb

Are you ready for some kickball?? Many of us know kickball as a playground game in elementary school.

Little Miss Kickball takes it up a notch in Tarrant County. The girls compete in four levels- Pee Wee (ages 6-8), Junior (9-11), Senior (12-14) and Teenage (15-18). Like most junior athletic programs, the sport becomes faster and more sophisticated as girls move up the competitive ladder.

“Kickball is really a family affair”, says Andrea Harris. She first got involved over eight years ago when her daughter joined the Pee Wee division and has been coaching for at least six.


“I am attached to many of the girls who have grown up in the league. Watching these girls blossom into great individuals and going off to college and returning to us to give back to the community as coaches and umpires is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. “

Fundraising is very important in order to keep the program going. It helps cover field expenses for developing adequate fields for hosting state tournaments. With new fields comes fences, score keeper boxes, score boards, bathroom rentals, dugout and concession stand improvements as well as lights for evening games.

Visit their website at http://www.girlskickball.com or their  Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NETKickball

“Quest for Success” Finalists

21 May

Since January 1st, Popcorn Palace has been requesting submissions for our “Quest for Success” contest. We have selected the six finalists who are eligible to win $2,500.  Now you get to pick our grand prize winner!

Review the winners and pick your favorite!

Finalist #1: Tidehaven One Act Play

The money raised through the fundraiser allowed the competition drama club to have elaborate costumes and rent props from local theaters to create a set. At a contest, one judge said, “I can picture this world perfectly! You did a great job on set design and costumes!”  With the ‘drama’ budget of $1,000 being shared with theatre class, the $2,500 will allow the club to purchase much needed set pieces.

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Finalist #2: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

With participants like Miriam Kaufman, she and other motorcyclists are helping find the cause of and cure for pediatric brain tumors.  She has a personal stake as her family has experienced a brain tumor called Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma.

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Finalist #3: Fierce Dance Academy

Not wanting to disappoint her students, at just 16, Gabrielle Sherman opened Fierce Dance Academy after the studio she previously taught at closed their doors. Although it has been difficult, it has been nothing but rewarding as she has been able to give her students the same opportunity that she was given as a young dancer.

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Finalist #4: Newark Tigersharks

Founded by parents and coaches, the Newark Tigersharks is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization that teaches minority inner city youth to swim while exposing them to the many opportunities that the world of swimming has to offer.

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Finalist #5Open Range 4-H

Just like the 4-H’ers across the nation, the Clearfield County Pennsylvania chapter is responding to the challenges every day in their communities. As the organization leader, Tamela wants to expand the member’s horizon.

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Finalist #6: Malden After-School Program

Want your kids to stay out of trouble? Then put them in the Malden After-School Program that solely operates on funding by donations, fundraisers and program fees.

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  • Voting closes on Monday,  May 28th at 5 pm, CST.
  • Participants can vote once every 24 hours.

Enriching Students After School

18 May

Kids need all the help they can get these days. There are too many ways a child can stray from the straight and narrow: drugs, shoplifting, drinking — so it’s important that they have a safe place to hang out after school.

The Malden After-School Program, which operates five days a week for three hours a day, employs two staff members who provide tutoring and instruction to the attending students. Although the main focus of the program is homework help, they also offer lessons about health and fitness and provide healthy snacks.

Malden After School Program

Malden After School Program

As the program workers work closely with the classroom teacher to acquire additional strategies to meet the needs of all students, there has been a significant improvement in the grades as well as the reading levels. Gifted students are also members of the after school program and they are given activities that help push them to reach their full potential.

Director Wyndi Stacey states that the extra $2,500 will keep the program running for future students by purchasing fun things for the kids to do after homework is finished such as crafts and fitness items. In addition, it will allow the program to buy higher quality and more exotic foods to show student that healthy CAN taste good!

Making an Impact in Communities

18 May

With an expansive network reaching every corner of the country, 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization that focuses on hands-on learning activities in the areas of science, citizenship and healthy living.

The Open Range 4-H in Clearfield County Pennsylvania is a little different than most other 4-H groups as they have a wide range of activities in the club. Projects include horses to goats, cooking, to scrap booking, camping to robotics, and even small engine repair. In addition, the club does community service projects like singing at nursing homes at Christmas, participate in parades.

Open Range 4-H in Clearfield County Pennsylvania

Open Range 4-H in Clearfield County Pennsylvania

When Tamela Hutchins took over the club 5 years ago, the club only had three kids and now they are up to eleven very active kids. When they get together they can’t wait to book the next time to get together.

“I am so proud of what these kids have done. We are celebrating 100 years of 4-H and this is a big thing to see the youth doing something other than hanging out on the streets, says Tamela, “The extra money will help alleviate the camping costs and will assist in getting help on their projects. They spend so much on show feeds to traveling with their horses, that any help is nice.”

Dancing with Passion

17 May

As a dance competitor for over 14 years, Gabrielle understands what it takes to win regional and national competitions. Her passion has allowed her to work with many nationally known choreographers and attend conventions such as Monsters of Hip Hop and Dupree Dance Summer Intensive and Dance Rogue.

Although dance is a large part of what they do, Fierce Dance Academy is not just about dance classes, they are strong advocates for hard work, discipline and passion. Every instructor is committed to providing each student the opportunity to learn the art of dance in a positive, structured and inspiring environment.

Fierce Dance Academy

Fierce Dance Academy

On occasion, the academy partners with industries elite entertainers which allow students to train with the countries’ top professional coaches and choreographers. This provides our students with up-to-date steps and technique as well as access to the latest and greatest multicultural dance trends.

“If Fierce Dance Academy is selected to win the $2500.00, we would use that money to host an intensive dance workshop at no charge to our dancers. We will be giving our dancers the opportunity to work with the nation’s leading choreographers. This will push each dancer’s skill to a new level.”

For more information on Fierce Dance Academy, visit www.fiercedance.blogspot.com.

Swim to Live, Live to Swim

17 May

Newark Tigersharks has given swimmers ranging from 3 to 19 years old the opportunity to compete in Amateur Athletic Union and USA Swimming events.  It also creates opportunities for youth to get involved with community service and promotes academic excellence and leadership.

Tigersharks Team Picture

Tigersharks Team Picture

Erika Key got involved because she wanted to see more youth learn lifesaving swimming techniques as USA Swimming Foundation research shows that in ethnically diverse communities, the drowning rate is 2-3 times higher than the national average.

“The fundraiser has afforded many of the youths to cover their registration fees, competition swimsuits and meet fees. Fundraising is very important as some of the parents have multiple children in their families that participate in Newark Tigersharks.”

The extra $2,500 will assist Newark Tigersharks to sponsor youths to obtain their lifeguard certifications, AED and CPR training. It will also help the team with purchasing needed swim training equipment.

For more information on Newark Tigersharks, visit  www.tigersharksswimteam.com

Riding for a Cure

16 May

Since 1984, Ride for Kids® has been helping laboratories worldwide take steps toward new and more innovative treatments for young patients with brain tumors. The program has grown to the point where the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® (PBTF), is the official charity of the Honda Riders Club of America. Thanks to the generous support of Honda and other motorcycle industry companies, the program has raised more than $50 million for pediatric brain tumor research.

As the world’s largest non-governmental source of funding for childhood brain tumor research, the P.B.T.F is dedicated to not only eradicating this disease, but to provide support to families like Miriam. Their educational resources deliver comfort and hope to families in need of information, and their college scholarship program gives brain tumor survivors a boost for the future.

Ride for Kids

Ride for Kids

“Fundraising with Popcorn Palace is super easy and convenient.  We are out at events during the day at our booth promoting our charity and having the snack size bags for sale. People are hungry and there isn’t always food available for a quick, tasty and healthy snack. The response has been very positive. I love the way the bags are packed all ready to go!”

To learn more about The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® please visit http://www.pbtfus.org/.

Story Telling in One Act

16 May

For Melinda Engelmohr, Director for One Act Play, it is always a challenge to find funds for the drama club. Writing and performing a one act play for competition is not an easy task. The play must be under 40 minutes in length and you only have seven minutes to set up – along with other rules and regulations. The team is rated on various categories ranging from costuming, visual, presentation to interpretation.

At the beginning of the year, the club only had enough money to cover basic expenses such as scripts, copyright fees, and clinic fees. As the club is not able to repeat any prior plays, it was very important for Melinda to find an easy and profitable fundraiser to purchase the necessary props and costumes.

Tidehaven One Act Play

Tidehaven One Act Play

She chose Popcorn Palace as she saw outstanding reviews regarding how easy the fundraiser is, the great customer support, and quick/safe delivery of the products.

“All of the customers raved about how this was the best popcorn they had ever had,” says Melinda, “ I even had people wanting to order more and I had to tell them that we would do the fundraiser again next year but around Christmas. This makes great gifts! Most of all the students develop important skills such as handling money and how to interact with others.”

The additional $2,500 would greatly help the drama club purchase new set pieces. The flats have been in storage for over 10 years and when the flats were pulled out, they were ripped and torn, covered in graffiti and mouse droppings, and had broken frames. The doors are nowhere to be found and the window unit needs to be replaced as it has been glued shut.

As Melinda puts it, she wants her students to be able to perform to the best of their ability and not be limited because we do not have something that could be of great value to them.