Popcorn Fundraising

Choosing a fundraiser can be a confusing project. There are a lot of products to sell: candy, gift wrap, cookie dough, magazine, candles, and much more. The right choice can make a significant difference for your group.

Popcorn fundraisers are great as everyone loves popcorn!  It’s great when you’re relaxing with the family, planning a party, or just looking for a light snack. Best of all popcorn comes in lots of flavors.

With Popcorn Palace’s gourmet popcorn fundraising program, not only will you sell 12 scrumptious flavors such as Milk Chocolate Drizzle, Spicy Cheese, and Cookies & Dream, your organization earns 50% in profits. Best of all, your order will be sorted by participant, which will help you with distribution.

There are no up-front costs or minimum orders to participate in the popcorn fundraiser. In addition, the friendly and experienced customer service staff will assist you through every step of your fundraiser. To receive your free information kit, enter the form below or call us at 800-873-2686.

You can sell popcorn anywhere and anytime throughout the year; why not sell it at as your next fundraiser?


Earn 50% in Profits!

 Request Your Information Kit (It’s FREE)

You will receive your kit within 10 business days. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-873-2686.

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