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Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Bethany the baseball mom

27 Oct


Bethany Valle holds many titles. One of those included baseball mom – a “job” she held when first working with Popcorn Palace.

“The first organization that I used Popcorn Palace for fundraising was my sons little league team,” Bethany said. “We were trying to raise funds for an end of the year celebration and a gift for the coach. We succeeded in raising close to $300.”

Because of the success with the baseball team, Bethany started using Popcorn Palace to raise funds for a yearly one-week trip to Kennedy Space Center Space Camp for gifted students. Now that she has been using Popcorn Palace for years, she boasts having return customers that look forward to “that time of year”: Popcorn season.

“I will continue to use Popcorn Palace as long as there is a need for a fundraiser,” Bethany said. “I always find something to order! Everything is so good!”

The best thing about Popcorn Palace, Bethany said, is that it is easy to sell a product that is good.

“The product received is always in good condition,” Bethany said. “Nothing has ever been bad. The entire process is very easy and fast. With Popcorn Palace, there always seems to be a flavor that people like.”

With Popcorn Palace also providing samples, Bethany also swears that this is what makes selling with Popcorn Palace so easy. She received them her first year and then requested them again for the second-time around with the next fundraiser.

“I set up a table at my job with the sample bags and made more sales that afternoon in 10 minutes than I had the previous 3 days because now, they could taste how good it was,” Bethany said.

In the end, Bethany and her fundraising opportunity achieved its goals and made for a satisfied repeat customer.

“I believe it is priced just right,” Bethany said. “We are able to make a little extra money to help with the trips and everyone is asking for more in the end. It could almost be a second job for me!”

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Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Keith and the school supplies drive

20 Oct


Keith Jefferson and his lodge members used Popcorn Palace fundraising to help provide children heading back-to-school with school supplies for the new school year. They had such enormous success, they even donated extra funds to Breast Cancer Awareness.


“I’m a Prince Hall Mason and my lodge used this fundraiser to raise funds for school supplies for local children in our area as well as donate a portion to Breast Cancer Awareness. Popcorn Palace has helped us achieve our goals through this fantastic fundraiser.

We like the 50/50 concept, we will use this fundraiser over and over and over again.

Every time we let people in the community know that we are about to do our fundraiser again with Popcorn Palace, we get a massive response.

The variety of popcorn that is offered is perfect; you can even make your own tin – customized with up to three different types of popcorn.

This fundraiser was the best of all fundraisers that we have done because you see the profits right away – no waiting, no cashing a check, no hassle with the company and everything works out for the best. All I can say is keep up the good work and keep making people happy [Popcorn Palace].”


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Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Jackie the sports mom

13 Oct


Jackie Cunningham wore many hats: mom, baseball fan, football fanatic, and involved parent for her children’s school PTA. When looking for a fundraiser, she found Popcorn Palace and had so much success with them one time that she kept on going back. Here is her story:


“I worked with Popcorn Palace on three separate occasions – all for the same school. Once was for our little league baseball team, another our middle school, and finally our little league football team. In each fundraiser, we raised about $4,000.

Each team posed a different problem requiring a different solution. For instance, we were raising funds for the baseball team to go to Cooperstown to play the final game of the season while the football team was in need of new equipment. What worked well for us was the popcorn could cover each of our unique teams fundraising needs while practically selling itself. We were able to take our baseball team to Cooperstown and buy all new shoulder pads for the boys football team of 136 players.

What was great about a fundraiser like Popcorn Palace was you didn’t have to beg people to buy it. People will actually ask me when will our teams be selling popcorn again. That was nice, and people wanted it. So you knew it would continue to be profitable in years to come.

The people at Popcorn Palace made working with them an even easier decision in our hunt for a fundraising opportunity. They were very personal even when I had to call about several order issues. They would fix it right away without an issue. If I had to add an extra order, not a problem. If I had an issue in my online ordering, it would be fixed as soon as possible. You want that kind of customer service with a company. I always talked to a real person who helped me every step of the way.

Plus, Popcorn Palace saves you time. Everything comes boxed individually, which is a big bonus for working moms. It takes the guesswork out of everything. When everyone sold fundraising items in the past, we would have had to sort out orders for hundred of kids. Popcorn Palace makes it really simple by doing all of this for you before it gets to the school

Fundraising with Popcorn Palace is a great opportunity. They give 50 percent for your fundraiser proceeds to your organization; it is a no brainer. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t choose to do it! That is amazing. And that it comes fast, they give you everything you need – from envelope to boxes. They even give you samples. Kids love it, parents love it… it’s awesome.”


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Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Sharon the Fine Arts supporter

6 Oct


Sharon wanted to reach out to her local community, but first she needed the funds. After using Popcorn Palace for two years, she has become a repeat and satisfied customer.


“My name is Sharon. My position is Director of Community Outreach at Catalyst Circle Rock – a Kindergarten through 8th grade charter school in Chicago, IL.

I needed funds to help support our Fine Arts activities at the school and also to give our scholars incentive parties and treats. I also wanted to use the funds raised to help with parent incentives and parties.

I heard about Popcorn Palace from my daughter who works at one of our campuses. She read about the organization and thought that she might use it because it sounded like a good deal. So I tried it…

What I liked best about Popcorn Palace is the delivery is on time and the order comes back individually packaged with each students name on the box and what is in the box; this makes for very easy distribution. This feature is the reason that I would choose Popcorn Palace again and again. I don’t have to get extra help in sorting the items – you can’t always get enough help because parents are either working or busy with other children.

It was relatively easy for me to sell the popcorn to my parents and students. I also give incentive prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place top sellers and that is a big hit with my families.

I have used Popcorn Palace for two years now and both times I have met my goals of $4,000.00. I would most certainly use Popcorn Palace in the future, as it is an easy way to make money for my school. The pictures on the brochures and forms make you really hungry and you can taste the popcorn before you get it. The scholars, parents, and customers love it!”


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Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Tonya, the first-time Fundraiser

29 Sep


Tonya Sikes was a member of an organization in Memphis focused on keeping youth active and focused. Through the organization of the Memphis Wildcats, a pee-wee basketball group for boys and girls ages 8 to 12, her organization was able to achieve these goals.

Some of the kids who participated in the program were under-privileged, unable to afford uniforms or even the group trip to a local amusement park. Tonya decided a fundraiser would be a great opportunity for these kids to get to participate with the group without having to pay anything out of pocket.

Tonya needed something that was hassle-free, easy and efficient to work with, and had a high profit margin for those participating. After some research, Tonya decided Popcorn Palace was a good fit for her organization’s fundraising opportunity.

One feature that Tonya raves about with Popcorn Palace is the customer service. “It was great and very quick in response,” Tonya said. “The staff is friendly and the service is quick.”

She also said that the popcorn was fresh, a big reason why she said she would use Popcorn Palace again.

“It was great. I have ordered popcorn from other people who did fundraisers from other companies and the popcorn was stale,” Tonya said. “We raised a lot of money and we were able to take the team to a fun event,” Tonya said.


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Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Michelle and the last-minute fundraiser

22 Sep
This picture was taken when Michelle (treasurer), Johana (president) and Jerri (secretary) presented the middle school principal with a check for the funds raised with the Popcorn Palace fundraiser.

This picture was taken when Michelle (treasurer), Johana (president) and Jerri (secretary) presented the middle school principal with a check for the funds raised with the Popcorn Palace fundraiser.

Michelle Cavazos and the PTSO of Potomac Middle School had a goal: to raise funds for the middle school’s annual end-of-the-year activities. Activities included Field Day, a carnival hosted on campus, and the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony. She needed something that required little effort, worked within her time frame, and would be a big seller.

Michelle chose Popcorn Palace at the last minute. Even though it was on a whim, she said the process was incredibly easy and the staff was great to work with on her time crunch. With little effort on their part and free sorting options, it took the guesswork out of fundraising organizing and made it easy for Michelle and her fellow board members to work with students to make the fundraiser beneficial to them.

In addition, Michelle really loves the popcorn.

“The popcorn was delicious,” Michelle said. “The gourmet popcorn was different from the typical fundraisers. Popcorn Palace had a great variety of flavors as well!”

Lastly, Michelle states that the 50 percent profit made the decision easy, along with some other factors.

“There was no start-up fee… I think everything they offer to benefit fundraising organizations is awesome. It’s stress free – especially since there was no minimum amount in sales required to participate,” Michelle said.


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Popcorn Palace Testimonial – Lindsay the Cheer Mom

15 Sep

lindsay wehmer_img

Lindsay Wehmer was a cheer mom looking to help build funds for her daughter’s high school cheer team at Parkway North High School. Funds were tight for boosters who were looking to fund uniforms and cheer camp for the members on team. Ms. Wehmer and the other boosters stumbled upon Popcorn Palace as a fundraising option for cheer team members if they were looking to participate to help pay for some of the costs on the team.

“Those who did participate raised at least $100 each. It was phenomenal,” Ms. Wehmer said. “One girl was able to pay (in full for her uniform and camp).”

When asked if she would use Popcorn Palace in the future, Ms. Wehmer replied yes. Her compliments were that the fundraiser was easy to do and that the customer service was on point.

“When we had questions, we were always able to reach a customer service representative. All of our questions were answered right away,” Ms. Wehmer said.

Some things she highlighted about what she liked most about working with Popcorn Palace were the company’s flexibility, promptness, spreadsheet ordering system and the easy uploading process. She explained that the process was made very easy by being extremely efficient and self-explanatory.

What stood out to Ms. Wehmer the most?

“The timeliness and care of the customer service representatives,” Ms. Wehmer said. “And the popcorn is delicious, too!”


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We’ve Got Spirit!

8 Aug

Two, four, six, eight! Who do we appreciate? Cheerleaders are the lifeblood of a sports team, providing pep, excitement, and team spirit to any game.

The Brunswick Area Youth Football League (BAYFL) was originally started by a group of individuals to get middle school aged children prepared for high school football. As the league grew in size and scope, a group of moms put together a cheering program so the girls could be involved as well.

Over the past 12 years, the cheering program has grown from just sideline cheers at football games to a year round program that does a minimum of six competitions in the winter time. They also started a summer program to keep the girls going year round. All of the coaches are on a volunteer basis. BAFYL Cheer“It’s unfair to ask these hard-working girls to pay for everything themselves. It can be tough to find the money for uniforms, travel expenses and equipment, says Amanda Griffin, “ We do not want to turn away anyone with a passion or desire to learn the sport of cheer. “

The profits from the fundraiser will go to the squad and to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

For more information on BAYFL, visit

For more information about Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program, visit

Building Character & Confidence

25 Apr

Coach Eddie McFerrin was the type of athlete that was always involved with volunteering.  He first started with Lake Stevens Junior Athletic Association helping with their basketball and football programs and then at a local boys and girls club in the community. His love for sports and coaching led him to start his own basketball program, Fusion Basketball.


Fusion Basketball consists of 4th graders through high school students.  Coach McFerrin understands that sports are a great activity for children that provide a variety of benefits other than physical activity. Participation in sports can help build self-esteem and confidence, can motivate children to excel academically and can help build social skills. Participation also can teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice.

“We solely cannot rely upon sponsors and donations to cover all the costs associated with running a basketball program, “says Coach McFerrin, “ Popcorn Palace has helped our kids that can’t afford to travel attend the tournaments, pay for the uniforms, and much more.”

Most importantly, fundraising has taught the kids to become more responsible and self-reliant.

To read more about Fusion Basketball, visit

For information on Popcorn Palace Fundraising Program, visit

Alley – Ooop!

14 Mar

The Hilltoppers Academy School educates and plays basketball but most of all molds young men, one shot, one pass, one game at a time.

Academy of Excellence was created to provide a positive alternative for children. They provide a unique and outstanding program to help children reach their potential in life and succeed in reaching their ultimate goals.

Hilltoppers Academy Basketball Team

Each child who enters the basketball program must abide by strict rules of the Academy: 

  • Players are to be on time for all practices & games
  • Players must maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Players will keep a positive attitude at all times

“Popcorn Palace has been a great fundraiser for us. The players worked hard to take responsibility to help out the team so they could have a good season, “ says Coach Shaw, “ The profits allowed our players to travel outside the state to play in tournaments.”

The fundraisers have been so successful that, the team will be running their 3rd fundraiser in 15 months!

For more information on the team, visit

For information on Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program, visit