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You Spoke- We listened, and Acted!

9 Sep

After feedback from you, we have made a number of changes for the Heavenly Experience Fundraising Form to make your fundraiser more profitable and easier to manage.


You asked the questions, so we acted and reviewed our fundraising program:

1. You asked: Can you make the form easier to use?

We’ve changed the layout of the form so it is easier for the participants and fundraising coordinator. The total sheet is now located to the right and each line item is color coded. There’s even a section for line item totals, item dollar totals, and grand total. Best of all, you can tear the total sheet easily as it is on the fold.

2. You asked: Can you add different flavors to the 6-Flavor Gift Set?

After reviewing the flavors, we’ve decided to remove Chicago Chic® as this is a combination of Cheddarific and Brown Sugar Caramel and replaced it with a popular flavor, Spicy Cheese.

3. You asked: Can you clarify better on the availability of Milk Chocolate Drizzle and Deep Chocolate?

We’ve added the word “available from” under the popcorn images and in the tally form. In addition, the statement is in red on the cover of the form.

4. You asked: What tools do you have available for us?
We not only put flavor reviews in the form, we also have letter templates for you to use. Templates include a parent letter, reminder letter, order pick up letter and much more! Just ask us for it.

If you have suggestions or further questions on how we can improve your fundraising experience, please feel free to email or call us at 800-873-2686. 

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