Team Fundraising: 5 Communication Tips Large Teams

16 Nov

Taking on a massive fundraising project can be daunting without the help of a large team. The trade-off is a unique set of challenges that can make aligning objectives difficult. Some fundraising events like music festivals and city marathons need specialized roles and groups working on different tasks. This makes communication and accountability essential to your success.

To start your fundraising project on the right foot, here are 5 simple tips that work to improve communication with a large team.

Tip #1: Establish a Common Identity

Before the team start their objectives, it’s essential for the entire team to establish a common identity on the first day. A common team identity keeps them focused on the greater picture. It’s easy for specialized groups to grow fixated on their tasks and lose sight of the main objective. This can lead to conflicts later down the road when the pieces come together.

To build a common identity, start by writing a mission statement that outlines the essence of your fundraising goals and the objectives behind them. This will help keep everyone focused on the big picture as they explore deeper into their roles and groups.

Tip #2: Agree to Communicate

One of the most important things in a team fundraiser is healthy communication. Without healthy communication, teams run the risk of mishandling priorities and straying from the big picture. Also, members and specialized groups must agree on being intentional about communicating with the whole team. This will help keep everyone accountable and actively participating in maintaining healthy communication.

Tip #3: Celebrate Together

Organizing a fundraiser isn’t without its challenges to morale. Teams must work against deadlines and find solutions to complicated problems, all while staying within budget. To keep morale high, organizations should hold celebrations after reaching a milestone.

Celebrations don’t necessarily have to be a major display or party. They can be as simple as acknowledging the hard work and milestones of groups or people. Not only will this give credit when it’s due, it will also inspire the rest of the team on the progress achieved.

Tip #4: Agree on How Decisions Are Made

A point of conflict that can stall the progress of a large fundraising team is how decisions are made. In a large team, there should be a single authority that acts as the tie-breaker or makes the final decision. All teams should come to an agreement that the single authority has the power to settle decisions. There are also some team dynamics to take into consideration when assigning authority:

  1. Are all members and specialized groups represented fairly?
  2. Will certain members/specialized groups have more at stake than others over decisions?
  3. Due to the nature of their responsibilities, which members/specialized teams will have a harder time adjusting after a decision is made?

Before authority is being assigned, bring these points forward and review them with all team members. Being open and talking through these potential points of conflict can help win the team over as they invest more into how decisions are made.

Tip #5: Plan and Commit to Organizational Meetings

As mentioned earlier, communication is an essential component to meeting fundraising project goals on time. When working with specialized groups, it’s easy to become siloed and objectives drift out-of-sync or fall apart. While communication through email and phone conversations is great for keeping the organization whole, nothing beats face-to-face meetings where members can present ideas and concerns.

Create a routine time and date for when the whole team will hold its larger meetings. This time and date should be honored by all members with the expectation that they will attend and contribute. After agreeing on the time and date of the meeting, hold people accountable with reminders in advanced on looming dates.

Team fundraising is all about coordinating objectives and keeping members informed on where the project is going. Without team unity and agreeing on a system for how communication will work, the fundraising project runs the risk of falling apart. Utilize these tips to ensure that your organization is keeping everyone in the loop as you pursue your goals together.

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