Start Fundraising with No Startup Costs Today!

11 Nov

No matter how big or small your organization, one of the most important responsibilities in fundraising is managing the finances. Without a control on finances, the fundraiser runs the risk of being inoperable before it can meet its goals. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and coordination, any organization can start a fundraiser with minimal to no costs at all.

Why managing finances is challenging in fundraising

The biggest factor that can add burden to your organization’s finances is the type of fundraiser you choose to do. Fundraisers that are based on events like talent shows, carnivals, movie screenings and contests require a great amount of setup before they can create a return. Some common pitfalls that can eat away at your finances are:

  • Locations: where you choose to host your fundraiser and/or storage needed.
  • Promotions: promotional ventures like radio and third-party publications have fees. If you want customized hard promotions like banners, you’ll need a printing service.
  • Equipment: common equipment like tables, chairs, and lights may need to be rented if not borrowed. Other events like shows and performances will need a stage and sound.

If your organization can crowdsource these expenses, then you may be able to host a fundraising event at a fraction of the cost. However, it is difficult to completely avoid having some startup cost in some form. This can put your organization in the negative until startup costs are recouped, eating into some of your fundraising.

Having a startup cost isn’t limited to event fundraising. Certain sales fundraisers have large startup costs in the form of products for sale or equipment used in a service. For example, you’ll need to either buy or bake the goods to have a bake sale. A service-based fundraiser like a carwash or yard chores will need to budget for soap, water, trash bags, and other equipment.

While these costs are relatively low when compared to an event, they still require a level of managing finances.

How do I fundraise with no costs to the organization?

As mentioned earlier, crowdsourcing equipment and other resources are great ways to start fundraising for minimal to no costs. There are also fundraising programs available like Popcorn Fundraising with Popcorn Palace that allow you to start fundraising immediately at no up-front costs.

The advantage of fundraising with Popcorn Palace is most of the work is already done for you. The gourmet popcorn is made using real natural ingredients, packaged in fun containers, and shipped directly to the customer. This relieves your organization from buying the ingredients and packaging, making the goods, keeping them in storage, and delivering to the customer.

Your organization is also free from the risks of overproduction. Making or investing too much into one product that doesn’t sell well can eat into the total amount funding raised. Especially with food items where once ingredients are used, the bulk is unreturnable.

Focus on fundraising

With most the work done in the background, all your organization needs to do is focus on engaging with the community and fundraising. Popcorn Palace also offers a printable brochure with all its flavors, container sizes, calculation tables, information on how popcorn fundraising helps your cause, and an order form summary sheet to mail to Popcorn Palace.

If you’re interested in starting a popcorn fundraiser with no start costs, then contact Popcorn Palace today! It’s the easy and profitable way to start fundraising and orders are sorted by participant. If you raise $499 or more in amounts due to Popcorn Palace, we’ll take care of your shipping in the contiguous United States for FREE!

Learn more about no cost fundraising by filling out our form below and a popcorn fundraising expert will contact you soon!

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