Our Favorite 5 Fundraising Websites

27 Oct

Finding the perfect fundraising idea that fits the theme of your campaign and is within your team’s means can be challenging. This is where having a large breadth of fundraising ideas can really come in handy! The more fundraising ideas you have to play with, the better your chances in finding something that works.

Subscribing to a fundraising blog is a great first step to having a steady feed of fresh campaign ideas, tips on how to manage resources, and an insider look at how other fundraisers met their goals. To help you find your next fundraising idea, here’s a list of our 5 favorite fundraising blogs:

  1. Bloomerang

Bloomerang publishes multiple blogs a week by non-profit and fundraising professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Their content ranges a number of crucial topics, from developing a healthy fundraising team to reaching out to previous supporters.

Where Bloomerang excels is in their content on using social media and email to promote fundraising campaigns. Bloomerang publishes studies every quarter on the latest online trends and activities that may come in handy for long-term fundraising campaigns.

  1. Change Fundraising

Simon Scriver is a fundraising guru with over 10-years of experience in working with charities and no-profit organizations reach their goals. Change Fundraising is his blog where he posts at least once a week on topics about fostering good relationships with donors and communication tips.

In sale fundraising, communicating how supporters can help you reach your goals is essential. Whether you’re selling baked treats or tickets to a talent show, each interaction can push your fundraiser forward or hold you back. Reviewing Simon’s blogs are a must to strengthen these skills.

  1. Classy

Of the many fundraising blogs online, Classy is one of the most diverse. Their blogs range in scope from how an article on writing the perfect catch phrase to an infographic that breaks down the Breast Cancer Awareness movement.

They post multiple blogs a week with many contributing authors. Going through and following an author that best relates to your fundraising goals can greatly enrich your campaign.

  1. Arroyo Fundraising Blog

Arroyo Fundraising Blog is run by Kathie Kramer Ryan who specializes in fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and other small non-profit organizations. A key topic that is too often overlooked by other blogs is how to budget and stretch resources.

With smaller fundraising organizations, every investment going into a campaign counts. Kathie does a great job in covering man tips and tricks that will help smaller fundraisers stretch their campaigns over long term goals.

  1. Popcorn Palace Blog

Shameless plug, but we at Popcorn Palace pride ourselves in being experts on fundraising. Many of our blogs span from actionable topics like How to Start a Fundraising Team Fast to self-help tools Fundraising Checklists. We publish a fundraising blog at least once a week with the latest trends and best practices to help our partners succeed with their fundraisers.

Keeping up with a variety of fundraising blogs is a great way to keep ideas and campaigns fresh, as well as gaining an insider perspective on successful fundraising organizations. Much like how fundraising is all about connecting with your community for support, reaching out to the fundraising community can also help you meet your fundraising goals.

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