Why Start a Popcorn Fundraiser Today?

20 Oct

Starting a new fundraiser campaign can feel intimidating. You may find yourself working with a campaign that you’re unfamiliar with and some of the challenges may not present themselves until after they’ve become roadblocks. Luckily, hosting a popcorn fundraiser can free your organization from the anxieties that come with a new campaign. Here’s why you should start a popcorn fundraiser today:

#1 The Hard Work Is Already Done

The great thing about partnering with a popcorn fundraiser like Popcorn Palace is most of the hard work is done for you. If you were to start your own fundraiser sale from scratch, you’ll need to take into consideration start-up costs, space, and handling.

By partnering with a popcorn fundraiser, tasks like gathering ingredients, making the popcorn, packaging the popcorn, and shipping them off to the customer is all done behind the scenes. This leaves the best part for you: engaging with potential supporters and creating smiles!

#2 There Is Minimal Risk

One of the most challenging responsibilities in fundraising is managing your return on investment. In other fundraising types like a bake sale, talent show, or raffle, there is a degree of start-up costs that must be factored in before the fundraiser is seen as successful.

When you’re working with perishables like baked goods, fruits, and candies, you’re also working against time to get stock off your shelves as quickly as possible. All of this increases your overall risk of falling short on fundraising goals.

With a popcorn fundraiser, the risks involved in producing and handling goods are off your shoulders. This allows your organization to fundraise at virtually no start-up costs. If your organization is working with a budget, then that budget can go into other ventures like promotions.

#3 It Is Easy to Promote

Popcorn is a treat that people can enjoy throughout the year. From cozy movie nights with the family to a tasty picnic treat on a weekend, there are countless ways to market and promote popcorn for your fundraiser.

In addition to being a popular snack year-round, the fall and winter holidays have themes that lend themselves easily to a popcorn fundraiser. Treats like popcorn balls and witch’s hands are favorite during Halloween. Sweet flavors like milk chocolate and savory flavors like spicy cheese pair perfectly with a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Popcorn tubs make great stocking stuffers during Christmas. The marketing possibilities are endless.

#4 There Are Many Flavors to Choose From

Who doesn’t enjoy a large tub of popcorn? They’re a crispy snack that pair well with a variety of flavors for the pickiest of foodies. At Popcorn Palace, the popcorn flavors range from the timeless Kettle Corn to the colorful fruit rainbow. Supporters can order a single bag of their favorite flavor or go for the adventurous 6-Flavor Gift Set. The set comes with 6 snack bags, one each of:

  • Brown Sugar Caramel
  • Nutty Caramel
  • Cheddarific
  • White Cheddar
  • Kettle Corn
  • Spicy Cheese

The best thing about hosting a popcorn fundraiser with Popcorn Palace is the flexibility to start and stop your campaign whenever you want. With your organization at the helm, you’re free to rally support and pursue your fundraising goals.

Start your popcorn fundraiser today with Popcorn Palace! It’s the easy and profitable way to start fundraising and orders are sorted by participant. If you raise $499 or more in amounts due to Popcorn Palace, we’ll take care of your shipping in the contiguous United States for FREE!

Learn more about starting a popcorn fundraiser by filling out our form below and an expert will contact you soon!

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