Halloween Event Fundraising Ideas

13 Oct

There are many reasons why the Halloween season is the perfect time for fundraising events. The weather is cooler, people are more festive, and the holiday lends itself well to fun themes and decorations. Halloween is also a holiday where families are more likely to celebrate with friends, making it an excellent opportunity for tournaments and competitions. Here are some ideas to consider for the Halloween season.

  1. Halloween Dance Party

There’s nothing like a Halloween Dance Party to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. Especially when the dance floor is filled with friends and family in their Halloween costumes. You can charge for admission into the dance party, hold concession stands, or ask for a donation throughout the event.

A few things you’ll need to get started is a location for the dance, Halloween decorations, Halloween-themed music, and dance lights. Luckily, an event this large is a great opportunity to collaborate resources with local business and other fundraising organizations. For example, working with your school’s basketball team and art club can land you the school gym and decorations.

  1. Pumpkin Painting Contest

Hosting a pumpkin painting contest is an easy event that can be done in a few, quick steps. The fundraiser can charge for admission into the competition or ask for a donation at the end of the event. To get started, you’ll need are tables and chairs for the competitors, disposable table cloth, and paints. You can ask competitors to bring their own pumpkins or have pumpkins ready for sale, giving you more opportunities to fundraise.

Depending on the size of the competition, you can make the contest more fun by creating categories. You can have separate judging panels for categories for the best traditional jack o’ lantern, best stencil-free design, and most creative design.

  1. Halloween Costume Contest

As the days get closer to Halloween, the more likely that people will have their Halloween costumes. This makes a perfect opportunity to host a Halloween Costume Contest event where the fundraising team can charge for admission to watch. In this event, you’ll want as many people as possible to compete, so refraining from charging to compete ensures that anyone who wants to enter can.

Like the Halloween Dance Party, you’ll need a location, decorations, music, and lighting. Partnering with a Halloween costume store or school gym is a great way to secure a location, so work on your fundraising pitch and start networking!

  1. Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of the crisp fall air with a Spooky Scavenger Hunt! This event is perfect for families at the park or after school, as they hunt for treats. Kids can have celebrating Halloween by wearing their Halloween costumes and using their Halloween baskets in the scavenger hunt. Fundraising groups can charge for admission into the competition to raise funding or ask for donations after the event.

The advantage of a scavenger hunt is they don’t require a lot of materials and are relatively easy to host. Most scavenger hunts will need treats and prizes to hide, baggies for candy, and a map of all of the hiding spots.

Depending on the size of the event, you can make the scavenger hunt a competition for larger prizes at the end. Keep in mind that you’ll want a great participant-to-candy ratio. If you sell tickets to the event beforehand, you can better gauge how much candy you’ll need for the hunt.

  1. Witch’s Broom Hockey (Ball)

Witch’s Broom Ball is the perfect fundraising event for a large number of participants and a gym.  This event does take a lot more planning, but a great game can help contribute to the fundraiser.

Either in tournament style for larger competitions or team vs. team for a smaller event, two teams of witches play hockey using brooms and a football for a set amount of time. The object of the game is to score the most points by shooting the football past the goalie, into the goal net.

There are many rules available for standard broom hockey (ball). For the purposes of a fundraising event, rules should change, depending on the size of your fundraiser and playing space. Some things to consider are the sizes of the teams and penalties for physical contact with the broom.

Halloween is a fun holiday that lends itself easily to fundraising event ideas. Many of the resources needed to host these fundraisers can be gained by collaborating with businesses and other fundraising organizations. Take the time to plan your event and have a spooky time!

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