How to Start a Fundraiser Team Fast

4 Oct

Fundraising to meet a cause is rarely done alone. Many fundraisers have teams that work together and motivate each other to reach their goals. While starting a team can make all the difference, talking to new people and organizing people can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re pressed for time and need to start fundraising soon.

To help you find the best members for your team, we’ve created 4 groups of potential candidates to get you fundraising fast:

  1. Bring the Team Back Together

Bringing a fundraiser back for another season? Then consider reuniting your old team. When it comes to organizing a fundraiser, there are few things more valuable than experience. Your old team will have the easiest time settling into their responsibilities and will be more familiar with the challenges ahead.

If you’re starting a new fundraising organization or haven’t worked with a team before, then be sure to keep log of your potential team’s contact information. After the fundraiser is over, take note of your experience with each member and stay in contact during the off-season. This will help accelerate the team building process for your fundraising efforts.

  1. Start with Friends and Family

When building a team, it is essential that you seek out members who are dedicated to the cause and share the same vision. For this reason, a great place to start is with friends and family. As personal connections are more likely to be invested in your fundraiser’s success.

Another advantage of recruiting friends and family is a quicker settling time than if you didn’t have personal connection. A great fundraising team takes time to reach a comfortable stage where everyone understands the team’s communication style and work rhythm. This is easier to accomplish, faster when working with friends and family.

  1. Reach Out to Stakeholders

If the fundraising team has open spots available, consider reaching out to stakeholders. This is anyone who has a stake in the success of your cause. For example, if you’re fundraising for your school’s athletic program, consider recruiting members of the athletic team, coaches, the cheerleading squad and color guard. Their direct investment in your cause will help the fundraising team stay motivated in meeting its goals.

When recruiting stakeholders, plan to communicate the fundraiser’s cause and how it will meet its goals on their first day. Since they’re directly invested, they’ll be more interested in what your plans are. This will set the groundwork for stakeholders to take action in your fundraiser.

  1. Promote to Volunteers

After reaching out to stakeholders for your fundraising team, it’s time to promote to non-affiliated volunteers. These are people who don’t directly share a stake in your cause and you’ve yet to build a personal relationship with. Although they’re in the bottom of this list, they’re far from the least valuable. Volunteers and new people can have the most creative ideas and deep connections, expanding the reach of your fundraising team.

A volunteer is offering the team their time and resources to help the fundraiser. Take the time to make them feel part of the team by hosting icebreakers and communicate team identity. This will help them feel like they belong within the team. We’ve written a previous blog on the 4 C’s of Building a Fundraising Team with tips on how to strengthen interpersonal relationship to successfully reach goals.

The key to a great fundraising team is commitment. The more committed members are to the cause, the more likely they are to give it their best and overcome challenges. Find potential team members who you are interested in your cause or you’ve already established a personal connection with and start your fundraiser today!

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