Ice Breaker Ideas for Team Fundraising

29 Sep

The first day of a team fundraiser can be a make-or-break time in the level of commitment of members. The keyword in team fundraising is “team”, and without starting a strong team dynamic then fundraisers with challenging goals may not build the momentum needed to overcome future obstacles.

This is where the ice breaker comes in. While some members feel that ice breakers are a fun way to start the first day, there are also members who feel like ice breakers are frivolous use of time. A great ice breaker is an essential component of developing a connection with the team and the fundraiser. The difference is in choosing an ice breaker that fits the objectives of the team.

The Key to Successful Ice breakers: Be Intentional

Before you launch into questions, you’ll need to first understand what it is that you want to achieve. In an ice breaker, the ice is the “thing” that you need to break. By the end of the ice breaker, this “thing” should no longer be an obstacle to the growing team dynamic.

For example, if the fundraiser is starting up a new season with a team of people who’ve never worked together before, then a primary objective is to get people talking for collaborations. The objective for the ice breaker would then be to get people comfortable to not only share ideas, but to be open to critiques. An ice breaker that focuses on teamwork and creativity can help facilitate that dynamic.

When you start with the end-goal in mind, you’ll find that your ice breaker has direction and time is better invested.

Easy Ice breakers for Fundraising Teams

There are many fun ice breakers to choose from that will bring a fundraising team closer. The best ice breakers use an activity that requires teamwork and personal investment. Here’s a list of some easy ice breakers for your fundraising team:

  1. Name Your Reason Game

Ideal for larger fundraising teams, members stand in a circle facing inward and the facilitator starts by telling their name and their reason for joining the team. The next person recites the previous person’s name and reason for joining the team, then introduces themselves and their reason. The circle goes around until each member has had a turn.

  1. Crossword Connection

The facilitator writes their name, straight with even letters, on a chalk board and shares a goal that they have for the fundraising team. They then pick the person closest to them and asks them to write their name across theirs in like a crossword puzzle, also sharing a goal they have for the team. Once all students have written their name, the end result is a crossword puzzle for the class to enjoy.

  1. Epic 30 Seconds

The object of this game is to have members of the fundraising team tell an epic story about an object without pausing. This can be about anything found in the room or on their person. This game is perfect for small groups and fundraising teams who need to brainstorm ideas as it engages the imagination.

Hosting an ice breaker is a great way to start conversations and build confidence between members. The key to an effective ice breaker is to be intentional about its purpose and the end-goal of the first meeting. Most importantly, it’s a time to have fun and enjoy the comradery.

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