Tips to Boost Support for Your Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

15 Sep

Fundraising is made easier when you’re offering a tasty gourmet popcorn treat. Not only will supporters back a great cause, they’ll also get a delicious, shareable snack for their contribution. While gourmet popcorn is favorite snack for fundraising, the success of your fundraiser rests on a crucial step – your proposal.

When a supporter contributes to your fundraiser, they’re buying into your goals and cause. If your fundraising team can propose these things effectively, then you’re more likely to win support. Here are some tips on how to effectively propose your gourmet popcorn fundraiser:

Tip 1: Simplify Your Popcorn Pitch

When proposing your gourmet popcorn fundraiser to potential supporters, a refined pitch that grabs their attention can make all the difference. A pitch that filled with too many details and complications can be jarring, resulting in lost opportunities. Instead, the pitch should be a single quick line that is simple to understand.

Your pitch should focus on two things – what it is you’re asking for and how will the cause benefit the community. This format creates a simple cause and effect without drowning out the purpose of your fundraiser. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, then you can break down the pitch into its major details.

Tip 2: Create a Digital Presence

While focusing on a quick and short pitch is effective, you’ll want to have information about your cause, goals, and team readily available. With most information moving into the digital space, an effective method of distributing information is through social media pages and/or a website.

There are many social networks to choose from – each with their own advantages. Pick a social network that suits your fundraising team best and that you’re most familiar with. For example, if your gourmet popcorn fundraiser team has a talented graphic artist, then you may want to explore visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Tip 3: Work Your Way Up in Support

One advantage of working with a gourmet popcorn fundraiser is the ability to scale up the size of contribution. For example, Popcorn Palace offers supporters the ability to buy packages ranging from a 1/3 Gallon Snack Bag to a 2 Gallon Signature Gift Tin. This allows fundraisers to find the best package for their supporter’s contribution.

When giving your fundraiser pitch, it’s important to start small and gradually work your way up. Asking for too large of a contribution can be intimidating, leading to a loss in potential supporters.

Tip 4: Be Transparent About Your Progress

Not only is being transparent about the progress of your gourmet popcorn fundraiser is a great way to motivate your team. It can also motivate potential supporters to be part of your growing cause.

Before contributing, one question that most supporters have about a fundraiser is – how does my contribution add up to your cause? Offering an illustration or follow-up information on the progress of your fundraiser is a great way to show off the successes of your team.

When displaying the progress of your gourmet popcorn fundraiser, it’s essential to start off with smaller goals. As your campaign starts to land its milestones, incrementally increase the height of your goal. Starting with too steep of a goal can have the reverse effect and discourage potential support.

Tip 5: Have a Follow Up Plan

Getting first-time support is great, but recurring support is even better. Creating a follow-up plan for supporters keeps them in the loop, allowing them to offer more support later on.

As you pitch your proposal, ask supporters to follow your fundraiser on social media and/or ask if they’d like to join your newsletter. This will allow your fundraiser to continue communication about progress and open opportunities for recurring support.

Keep in mind that gourmet popcorn is a shareable, tasty snack that is fun to eat at a party or movie night. With so many flavors to choose from it’s likely that supporters will want to order more!

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