Why Supporters Love Popcorn Fundraising

6 Sep

When leading a fundraising organization, it’s important to consider what types of activities and sales will help generate the most support. There are many creative ideas to choose from. While each fundraiser has their advantages, popcorn fundraising stands out from rest as being a favorite with supporters. Here are a few reasons why supporters love popcorn fundraising:

  1. More Pop for Their Support

Unlike other fundraisers that sell cookies or candy, a popcorn fundraiser gives supporters more treats for their donation. Most popcorn fundraisers sell large bags, jars, tins, and tubs that carry the popcorn. At Popcorn Palace, sizes range from a 1/3-gallon bag to a huge 2-gallon signature tub.

Having a container like a bag or tub also makes it easier to travel with the popcorn. Other fundraisers that sell cakes or cookie dough have storage requirements to keep them fresh and intact. This can be burdensome for students or professionals who must carry their treats around.

  1. A Variety of Flavors

When you ask someone about their favorite flavor, chances are they’ll find it difficult to pick just one. Most popcorn fundraisers allow for multiple flavors and combinations per-container, making it the perfect snack for even the pickiest of foodies.

Popcorn Palace goes through great lengths to find the perfect balance between sweet and savory flavors, for a variety of assortments. From the classic Brown Sugar Caramel to the adventurous Spicy Cheese, Popcorn Palace has a flavor that everyone will love.

  1. Perfect Snack to Share

One of the biggest reasons why supporters love popcorn fundraisings is because popcorn is a snack that keeps giving back. Popcorn tastes much better when enjoyed with a group of friends and family. A large container like Popcorn Palace’s 2-gallon tin is the perfect for birthday parties, get-togethers, and movie nights.

In fact, we believe so strongly that popcorn is the perfect snack for parties and movie nights, we’ve written a blog on our favorite sports movies for families. So grab some friends and enjoy a tub of popcorn!

  1. Helps to Create Joy

When people supports a popcorn fundraiser, they’re supporting a good cause that gives back to the community. A motto that we proudly at Popcorn Palace is, “When people help each other, amazing things happen”. There are many great causes that host popcorn fundraising. From student led organizations to animal shelters, supporting a fundraiser helps them achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals.

Popcorn fundraising is a favorite amongst fundraising organizations and supporters because it allows people to help with a cause while enjoying a tasty treat. The joy of having fresh gourmet popcorn can be shared with friends and family while proceeds go to a bigger cause, leading to smiles all around!

Need a fundraiser with no start-up costs? Then start popcorn fundraising with Popcorn Palace! If you raise $499 or more in amounts due to Popcorn Palace, we’ll take care of your shipping in the contiguous United States for FREE! For more information about popcorn fundraising, fill our form below and an expert in popcorn fundraising will contact you soon!

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