How to Pick Your Best Fundraiser Idea

31 Aug

Your next best fundraiser is just an idea away. As you brainstorm with your team about potential fundraiser ideas, you’ll want to have a criteria ready to help you determine which ideas to focus on. When you’re limited on time and resources, every meeting counts. To help you find your best fundraiser idea, consider using these four criteria:

A Great Fundraiser Idea Is Feasible

There are only so many hours in a day and the budget is meant to last the entire campaign. You’ll want to pick a fundraiser idea that is achievable within the resources that you have available. A great fundraiser idea with the most likelihood of success will fit within these three parameters:

  • Your Total Budget
  • Time Allowed for Completion
  • Definition of Fundraiser Success

If the fundraiser idea fits within these parameters, then the goal is feasible. If there isn’t enough room within a parameter, then the other parameters will need to be adjusted.  For example, if you’re short on the Time Allowed for Completion, then you’ll to Redefine Success and increase Your Total Budget.

A Great Fundraiser Idea Is Exciting

Motivation is essential in any fundraising campaign. Without motivation, you’ll run the risk of burning out your team and have a harder time winning supporters. You’ll want to pick the fundraising idea that will generate excitement for your team and supporters.

Keep in mind that certain types of fundraisers pair best with specific talents and personalities. For example, an event-based fundraiser works best for teams who can dedicate long hours and manage high-levels of stress. The best way to determine if a fundraiser idea is exciting is to gauge the enthusiasm of your team.

A Great Fundraiser Idea Grows Other Ideas

There are many parts to a successful fundraising campaign. Not only will you need to plan your time and budget well, but you’ll also need to:

  • Create a sales pitch
  • Plan promotions
  • Organize logistics

A great fundraiser idea will inspire these other parts as you review your options with your team. For example, if you’re reviewing an idea for a popcorn fundraiser and your team is raising money for the school theater club, then the overlapping themes could inspire a great sales pitch.

A Great Fundraiser Idea Is Easy to Communicate

One of the most important qualifiers of a great fundraiser idea is its communicability. An idea that is easy to communicate is easier to lead, because the larger vision and its goals are clear. An idea that is challenging to communicate is a symptom of poor planning and should be red flagged from the other options.

When determining whether or not an idea is easy to communicate, consider creating a mission statement. Using one to two sentences, a mission statement clearly defines the goal through actions.

For example, a mission statement for a school booster club hosting a sales-based fundraiser would say: “The school booster club will raise $500 in 3-months for athletics by selling treats to supporters of our programs.” The mission statement is clear, illustrates the actions needed, and explains the goal in one sentence.

When planning your next fundraiser, chances are you’ll have many ideas on what to do next. Knowing which fundraiser ideas to focus on is essential when time and resources are limited. If you’re going through multiple fundraiser ideas that sound great, then focus on the most exciting one and keep the others in your back pocket. You’ll never know when another great idea will strike next!

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