Student Organization Checklist for a Successful School Fundraiser

23 Aug

The start of every semester is an exciting time to reunite with good friends and student organizations. From the athletic department’s booster club to the math club, student organizations give students chance to take on leadership positions and participate competitions, shows, and events.

Most student organizations start recruiting within the first few days of classes. This makes the first few meetings the perfect time to start planning the semester’s activities and budget. To help student organizations review their activities and budget plans, we’ve created a checklist template with key topics to discuss:

Topic 1: The Organization’s Mission: It’s always a great idea to revisit the mission statement of your organization before you set yearly goals. Doing so will give your organization direction for making decisions during the planning stages.

“Together, our mission is to…”

Topic 2: Hold a Roll Call: Before deciding on activities for the new semester, you’ll want to create a log of members and their roles. Some roles may require an election or additional signed forms.

Write the names of students who have agreed to service a roll. If all prerequisites like permission slips, proof of insurance for field trips, dues, and other forms are submitted, then check off their name. Here’s a list of some of the essentials:

Officer Roles:

  • Teacher Sponsor: _____________________________
  • President: _________________________________
  • Treasurer: _________________________________
  • Communications: ___________________________

Organization Members

  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________
  • __________________________________________

Topic 3: Time to Plan Activities: After the organization has chosen its officers and gained members, it’s time to start planning for the semester’s upcoming activities. If the organization held activities last year, then take some time to reflect on activities that were enjoyed the most. The experiences gained from past activities will give your organization a reference for how to improve on activities for the current semester.

It’s also helpful to keep a log for how much each activity cost. This will help you estimate how much funding you’ll need for the current semester’s activities. List at least 3 activities and their costs here:

  1. _________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________

Total Cost for Previous 3 Activities: $__________________

Now, brainstorm on potential activities and get a cost estimate for the current semester. Keep in that some costs may vary, depending on the activity. For example, if your organization is participating in a national competition, you’ll want to account for competition fees, hotel fees, driving expenses, and other essentials. Use previous experiences to get more details where you need them:

  1. _________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________

Potential Total Cost for Current Semester Activities


Topic 4: Plan Your Fundraiser: Once you’ve found your Potential Total Costs, meet with your team to discuss fundraising. Some of the things that will need to be discussed include:

  • Dates for the activity
  • Dates dedicated to activity setup and preparation
  • Deadlines for funding

With this information, the organization to start planning fundraising events and sales. Our fundraising specialist at Popcorn Palace have created another comprehensive checklist that breaks down the essentials for a successful fundraiser.

The Essential Fundraising Checklist can be accessed here: or search “checklist” at

The start of a new semester is a fresh opportunity to plan fun activities for your student organization. Use this template as a guide to help your student organization build momentum and have a great first day!

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