7 Simple Tips on Motivating Your Fundraising Team

18 Aug

Motivating your team can be one of the most challenging things in organizing a fundraiser. It’s not enough to have a noble cause. Without motivation your team risks falling short on its goals. Here are 7 simple tips to ensure that your fundraising team reaches success:

  1. Encourage Fundraising Ideas

A great idea can strike like a bolt of lightning. It can come from anywhere and when it lands it brings with it a bolt of energy for your team. Help your team land great ideas by keeping an open door policy for all members. When teams encourage ideas, they are also help their members feel heard, valued, and motived.

  1. Recognize Accomplishments

All accomplishments, no matter how small, is an incremental step in the right direction. When a team member meets their personal best or has completed a challenging task, give them praise for their hard work and dedication. When you give credit to the progress of a fundraising team, they feel more invested in its success.

  1. Assign Responsibilities to Strengths

It’s essential to pair the strengths of your team members to their responsibilities. When team members are enabled to perform the tasks they do well, they’ll feel greater motivation to complete the task.

For example, if your team has a member who loves crunching numbers, then giving them the responsibility of treasurer is something they’ll enjoy. Assigning responsibilities to strengths ensures that members are set for success.

  1. Give Frequent Updates

The fundraising team should consistently receive updates on the progress of their goals. When the fundraiser is moving forward, the team will enjoy knowing that their hard work is leading to real results. When progress has slowed down, leaders should invest in the team look for solutions that will keep them moving forward.

  1. Take Team-Building Breaks

Teams that don’t take the time to recharge after long periods of hard work run the risk of burning themselves out. This is especially true for fundraisers that are working with sensitive subjects where the emotional toll is high.

Take your fundraising team on a retreat or ask your members to take part on a game night. Recreational activities like these enable relationship building and conversations that unify a team.

  1. Hold Regular Meetings

There’s power in holding regular meetings. For starters, it allows team members to better schedule their plans and help the fundraiser. Secondly, being consistent with meetings builds a sense of direction. When the team holds regular meetings, members can build the expectation that at a certain time and day, the team will come together and accomplish and its goals.

  1. Focus On Setting Goals

The team leaders should always have a goal in mind for their team. When leaders have a goal, they set the baseline for what is expected and how the team will get there.

Goals don’t necessarily have to be a dollar amount. A goal can be as simple as filling out a sponsorship form or securing enough chairs for a fundraising event. It’s crucial to always have a goal for the team to accomplish, motivating them to move forward.

When a fundraising team is motivated, they’re better engaged with the cause and develop a sense of goal ownership. Fundraising teams that don’t take the time to motivate their members run the risk of burnout. With these 7 motivational tips, teams can secure the momentum needed to accomplish their goals.

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