How to Hold Big Fundraisers for Small Groups

12 Aug

Working with a fundraising team towards a great cause, no matter how small, is always something to be proud of. Sometimes, the smaller team has the advantage when it comes to reviewing ideas, putting plans into action, and holding members accountable.

The key to big fundraising results for a small team is in knowing how to best leverage your time and resources. With a smaller team, roles are focused and everyone is essential. Here are 5 tips to fundraise big with a small team:

  1. Put The Word Out Online

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to promote your fundraiser is by starting a social media campaign. Ideally, you’d want to have a mix of social profiles that allow you to spread information as quickly, and to as many people as you can. Some popular networks and their uses include:

  • Facebook allows fundraisers to organize, promote causes, and engage supporters by creating a page.
  • Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are perfect for sharing images and video to a large active user-base.
  • WordPress, Tumblr, and Weebly are popular blogging sites with easy to format tools.
  • Twitter’s use of hashtags and micro-blogging format allow fundraisers to publish links and information quickly.
  1. Recycle Equipment

When working with a small team, organizing equipment like tables, chairs, sound equipment, and other items can be challenging. If the fundraiser isn’t sponsored, investing in equipment can be expensive. To save on your budget, consider asking members in your team if they can lend equipment until after the fundraiser is done.

If the members in your team can’t lend the needed equipment, consider asking other fundraisers and organizations if they will lend you theirs. Public spaces like recreational centers, parks, and, libraries, and gymnasiums can also make for great venues and in some instances it’s at no cost for non-profits. Just be sure to check with your local representatives about using public spaces before you start.

  1. Rotate Headquarters

Having regular meetings is an essential part of fundraising as it allows members to review their progress, discuss ideas, and plan upcoming events. With a smaller team, it’s critical that all members attend meetings as each member takes on more responsibilities.

A major advantage of working with a small team is having the flexibility to hold meetings whenever it’s most convenient. Consider rotating meeting location and times. This way, schedules are more flexible and all members can attend.

  1. Focus on Small Scale Events

Hosting an event is a popular method of fundraising. From a fun run to silent auctions, there are many creative ideas that will grab attention and help raise support. However, hosting an event requires a lot of time, resources, and a reasonably large team to plan and operate the event. Although it’s not impossible for a smaller team to host a fundraising event, a smaller team will need to take a different approach.

A smaller team should focus on simple fundraising events that can be done within a relatively short amount of time and with few resources. Some fundraising events that are work well for smaller teams are:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Movie Night
  • Bake Sale
  • Tie-Dye Party

These events require minimal resources and the majority of the work is done outside of the event.

  1. Host a Sales Fundraiser

Another method of fundraising that is also time and resource-effective is to host a sale. Unlike an event, hosting a sale doesn’t require a venue, a plan for activities, or an extensive preparation phase. Selling goods like candy and gourmet popcorn have a quick turnaround period and have minimal risk.

Larger fundraising events require an equally large investment of time and resources with most of the fundraising taking place during the event. A sale allows the fundraiser to better manage their risky because fundraising occurs in increments.

A sales fundraiser is also more flexible to opportunities than hosting an event. Small teams can partner with local events, participate in holidays, work with a sponsor and other fundraising teams to expand their reach.

All fundraisers, no matter how big or small can serve their communities and accomplish a greater good. The key is to be creative and leverage your available resources to meet big goals!

Are you a smaller organization that is looking for a fundraiser with a simple setup and no start-up costs? We help groups of all sizes hold big popcorn fundraisers! All of our popcorn is made with all-natural flavors like Fruit Rainbow and Cheddarific for the tastiest crunch in every bite. Also, if you raise $499 or more in amounts due to Popcorn Palace, we’ll take care of your shipping in the contiguous United States for FREE!

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