Why We Love Fundraising

22 Jun

We’re halfway through the year and summer has officially started! We’ve worked with so many great fundraising organizations and project teams over the past few months. It always brings us joy to see so many active groups come together and fundraise for a great cause.

With the second half of the year to go, we at Popcorn Palace like to reflect on the things that most excites us about fundraising. We started working with fundraisers nearly 10-years ago and are always inspired by their hard work.

To help organizations and teams feel inspired, we organized a list of 5 reasons we love fundraising:

  1. Fundraising Serves to Make a Difference

Organizations and project teams host fundraisers because they want to make a difference. From restoring a community center to buying a high school football team new gym equipment, fundraising allows people to do give back and do great things local communities.

  1. Fundraising Brings the Community Together

Fundraising welcomes people of all ages, professions, backgrounds and interests to solve issues. When organizations and project teams work with the community to reach a common goal, it helps build a sense of unity that brings the community closer.

  1. Fundraising Encourage Youth Participation

Fundraising encourages students and youth groups to have a greater interest in solving the problems of their communities. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many after school programs dedicated to fundraising and community service and are always inspired by the hard work and creativity of their projects.

  1. Fundraising Is Fun

When you’re working hard on creative fundraising campaigns with friends, family, and neighbors, it creates a fun environment. Fundraising also encourages organizations to start exciting events and projects.

  1. Fundraising Is a Great Learning Opportunity

There are plenty of opportunities to learn about your community’s history, explore nature, and gain first-hand experience in working with your local officials. Organizations and teams who fundraise feel a deeper connection to their communities and the environment as they work on preservation projects and bring attention to good causes.

  1. Fundraising Gives You Experience

Organizing a fundraiser can be a process, but it’s well worth the time as you grow a team and plan campaigns that inspire change. There are many responsibilities that come with organizing a fundraiser like being a treasurer, working with promotions, collecting and managing supplies, and being a Master of Ceremonies. Fundraising gives you the opportunity to explore new talents.

  1. Fundraising Creates Joy

Fundraising allows our team at Popcorn Palace to work with amazing organizations and teams to bring about change in their communities. It’s always a thrill to offer expert fundraising advice and help teams organize their popcorn fundraisers and Create Joy.

The best thing about fundraising is it inspires causes and creates joy while allowing the community to join in on the fun. To help fundraising organizations and project teams with their cause, fundraisers that raise $499 or more in amounts due to Popcorn Palace get free shipping in the contiguous United States as part of our Create Joy Campaign.

Looking to for a fundraiser with no startup costs? Start fundraising today with a popcorn fundraiser by Popcorn Palace! Our popcorn ingredients are made from all-natural flavors like Fruit Rainbow and Brown Sugar Caramel, giving you the tastiest crunch in every bite.

For more information about Create Joy Campaign, fill our form below and a fundraising expert will contact you soon!

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