The 4 C’s of Building a Fundraising Team

16 Jun

When it comes to fundraising, having a great fundraising team can make all the difference in reaching your fundraising goals. A great team can offer your fundraiser the support it needs to do more tasks in less time, extends the reach of your connections, and can diversify ideas for an effective campaign.

A great fundraising team doesn’t form on its own. It takes time and clear communication to help your team to gel and reach its potential. To help you with strengthening your team, use our 4 C’s of building a fundraising team.

  1. Create a Team Identity

When people think of a team, the first things that come to mind are jerseys and mascots. This is because team identities give members a sense of belonging to something big and exciting.

A simple name and image can go a long way. Create a collective team identity for your members to lean on. If you’re working to help another organization like a school or youth group, consider adopting a rendition of their name.

For example, if you’re raising money for the Midtown High School Wolves basketball team, consider a name like the Wolfpack and use similar colors. This will help motivate your team by reminding them what they’re fundraising for and why it matters to them.

  1. Comradery Strengthens Relationships

The best fundraising teams have members who are invested in working towards a common goal. Look for engaging opportunities, outside of team meetings and fundraising, to build up your team and foster these relationships.

Some fun ideas for strengthening your team are a game night or dinner party. As your team grows and members change overtime, fostering relationships will become a larger priority.

  1. Communicate Clearly and Often

The backbone of a great fundraising team is clear communication about goals and progress. Before each team meeting, communicate how the fundraiser is doing and what the plan is for the meeting. After the meeting, have a recap of what was discussed and review major plans for the future.

In addition to communicating progress, it’s also essential for your team to have a clear understanding of the big picture. After accomplishing a major goal or milestone, touch back on the big picture and how the fundraiser is helping support its cause.

  1. Celebrate Small Victories

Fundraising take time and effort. It’s a game of inches, and every bit of support helps the fundraising team realize its goal. Help relieve stress and build morale by celebrating the team’s progress, including small victories.

Celebrations don’t have to be a spectacle. The key is to give thanks and offer recognition for a job well done. For example, teams can celebrate their progress by highlighting individual accomplishments or thanking each member for their dedication.

Building a great fundraising team is an investment that will not only help your fundraiser reach its goals, it will also make the experience more enjoyable. Sharing the success and challenges of with a team of people who have the same goals is what makes fundraising fun!

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