Score Big! Summer Sports Fundraising

31 May

Preparing for your summertime sports fundraising is kind of like training for the big game – and with the season quickly upon us, it’s time to go big, or go home!

First, you’ll need to identify your coach. You’ll want to choose a volunteer – hopefully, an experienced fundraiser, with time to spare, and a strong connection to your community. This person should act as a bridge between your team of students, parents, and volunteers, and your school’s planning commission (you might think of them as the manager’s council). Your fundraising coach will be in charge of communicating the plan to volunteers, and making sure that they understand the goals, schedule, and guidelines for your sports fundraising efforts.

Next, you’ll want to plan the season. Create a basic schedule, and map out the major milestones of your fundraiser, and you’ll make it easy for your team to remain on the same page. You might also consider taking a look at the calendar and scheduling around any special events you’d like to coordinate with. For instance, sports fundraising could benefit greatly from teaming up with your local minors-league team, and announcing your fundraising plans at their play-offs – or by setting up a booth at their championship game.

After that, you’ll want to fill your team roster. You’ll need to form a group of real team players to make your sports fundraising a home run! But don’t just rely on your students – call on your PTO, PTA, and booster clubs to help spread the word, and do your best to connect with others in your local community. This will not only help you ensure you’ve got all the manpower you need – it will help you widen your network, and grow your fundraising reach!

Once you’ve chosen your best players, dust off your playbook. Every successful team needs a winning strategy to bring their efforts together – so put some thought into your game plan! Teaming up with a partner like Popcorn Palace can help your school or organization entice donors with tasty rewards. Their fundraising program can guide you through the process of successful sports fundraising – all while offering your supporters delicious, nutritious treats. And Popcorn Palace’s expert fundraising team can help you save time and money – by offering the coaching you need to score fundraising support, with no out-of-pocket cost!

Now, you’re ready to put on your game face. Once you’ve gathered your team, outlined your strategy, and prepared your plays – you’re all warmed up. Remember, sports fundraising should be fun – so try not to take it too seriously. Every dollar you raise is a score for your school or organization – so just dust off your heels, and dive into the game!

Just remember – do your best to keep it fun, and lighthearted. This way, you’ll be sure to maintain an outstanding team spirit, and encourage good cheer (not to mention – making sure that your fundraising team and supporters show up to root for your sports team, next year!).

Looking for a great place to start? Try Popcorn Palace! For more details on how our experts can help your team put the FUN back in sports fundraising, fill out the form below.

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