7 Reasons to Appreciate Your Teachers

19 May

At Popcorn Palace, we’ve helped many teachers and after school clubs start their fundraising journeys. The teachers we’ve worked have always been enthusiastic about creating change with their students. We wanted to give a special “Thank You” to teachers for helping their students do incredible things happen in their communities. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, here are our 7 reasons to appreciate your teachers.

1. Teachers Work Hard

Being a teacher is hard work. They don’t just clock in and sit behind a desk. They spend hours every morning preparing lectures, organizing materials and helping students before a full-day of molding minds. The life of a teacher is a full one with long hours and many responsibilities. But it’s one that their passionate about.

2. Teachers Are Creative

Teachers can explain the most complicated concepts in a variety of ways. They’re masters of taking long and challenging ideas and turning them into fun and engaging activities that will capture the attention of any student.

3. Teacher Encourage Students

No matter how challenging the material, teachers believe in their students and go the extra mile to see them succeed. Teachers are always encouraging students to take pursue their curiosities and ask the big questions that matter. With their love of overcoming obstacles, there is no limit to what students can achieve.

4. Teachers Connect with Parents

Teachers believe that learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. There are always opportunities to learn something new, especially when parents are involved in the process. Teachers stay after school for parent-teacher meetings, engage in PTA meetings and proudly show off the work of students during Parent Night.

5. Teachers Love Teaching

With hours of hard work, long lectures and lesson plans, teachers still find a way to smile because they love teaching. Each day in the classroom is an opportunity to help young minds grow. They know their work serves a greater purpose in building a brighter future for their students.

6. Teachers Are Also Students

The reason why teachers are great at exploring new ideas and reviewing challenging materials is because they’re also students. Teachers take the summer to update lessons and learn new techniques for their students.

7. Teachers Are Always There

Not only do teachers take time before school to help students, they also stay after school as extra-curricular supervisors. They’re also expert fundraisers for fieldtrips, club competitions, after-school shows, student galleries and student led community service groups.

Being a teacher isn’t easy. It takes patience, creativity and a heart of gold to see that every student becomes successful. Take some time to day to tell a teacher how much you appreciate their hard work during Teacher Appreciation Month. In honor of Teacher Appreciation month, Popcorn Palace is giving away free popcorn. Enter here to win.

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