Do’s and Don’ts of Fundraiser Messaging

12 May

The best fundraisers present a clear message that is easy to follow and ends on a point. A message that is too convoluted can be distracting, taking away from its impact and making it tougher to reach your fundraising goals. The differentiating factors are a focused narrative, expressed positivity, and a good pace. Although this sounds simple, it’s in the details where the point of a message can get lost.

Take the time to ensure that your message best represents your fundraising efforts. To help you get started, we’ve created this list of 6 “do’s” and “don’ts” for optimal messaging clarity.

Expressed Narrative

Do Start from Beginning to Conclusion

When promoting your message, you want to make sure there’s a beginning that it leads to an end – asking for support. The beginning of the message should highlight why you’re raising money to support your cause. Fundraisers with long legacies tend to fall into the trap of leaving out this information, because they assume that people already know.

Don’t Bury Your Message with Unnecessary Fillers

Filler is information in your messaging that doesn’t build-up a case to support your fundraiser. For example, if you’re raising money to buy new uniforms for your school’s football team, adding that a local business donated a new goal post in your messaging doesn’t build-up to why the team needs the uniforms. The focus of your message’s content should be around why people should support your cause.

Emphasize Positivity

Do Focus on Solutions

The power of positivity cannot be understated. It can leave a wonderful, lasting impression of your efforts for future support. The key to emphasizing positivity in your messaging is to focus around solutions. Your message should outline the important steps that your fundraiser will take to solve the problem.

Don’t Forget Your Affected Parties

Fundraisers that deal with sensitive topics will want to handle their message with the upmost care. If your fundraiser is working with an affected person, family or group, it is important for them to be involved in organizing how the message is being communicated.

Maintain A Good Pace

Do Ask for Support

The ending of your message should get straight to the point – ask for support. Telling your fundraiser’s story about how you met your cause and the steps you’ll take to solve the major issues won’t make much progress unless potential supporters know how they can help.

Don’t Take “No” For an Answer

Hearing “No” shouldn’t be a discouraging experience. It’s important to keep in mind that people can offer their support in different ways. While they may not offer monetary support, they can indirectly help your fundraiser by volunteering as an advocate, donating their time or offering their goodwill.

Someone who declines an offer to support your fundraiser today may say “Yes” tomorrow. Include in your message the option to follow your progress by offering your fundraiser’s contract information, social media pages or website. This is the best way to offer more opportunities to support without coming off as too aggressive.

A well put together message can make all the difference in your fundraising campaign. The message should drive change with a positive impact, guiding potential supporters through your fundraiser.

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