Earn Profits for Your Organization with Popcorn Palace

13 Apr

Fundraising doesn’t have to feel challenging. Popcorn Palace has many great programs to get you started immediately with minimal start-up costs and a wealth of resources for inspiration and ideas. Our programs are perfect for fundraising projects of any size and requires little commitment, allowing you to take complete control of your fundraising efforts to generate strong profits.

Selling Gourmet Popcorn Is Easy

When people think about selling baked goods and other tasty treats, the first thing that comes to mind is cookies. While they may be tasty, they aren’t the most original idea and you’ll find yourself in thick competition when it’s time to start fundraising. Gourmet popcorn allows your fundraiser to stick out from other fundraisers, giving you the lead in raising money for your cause.

Our gourmet popcorn also comes in 13 all-natural flavors, from crisp Cheddarific to creamy Nutty Caramel, all of our popcorn is made with fresh roasted nuts and authentic fruit oils for the upmost crunch in every bite.

Large Selection of Popcorn Order Sizes

Fundraisers get access to a large selection of popcorn order sizes for fundraising, from a 1/3-gallon Snack Bag for a tasty treat on the-go to a large 2-gallon Signature Gift Tin. We’re also offering the fan favorite 6-Flavor Gift Set, which includes 6 Snack Bags of Brown Sugar Caramel, Spicy Cheese, White Cheddar and more.

We Help You Create Joy

We’ve recently updated our fundraising brochures to help organizations and campaigns promote their cause and Create Joy. The new brochure has an easy-to-read format for customers and testimonials from Rachael Ray, Warren Buffet, and more. The header of the brochure introduces our moto to help inspire contributions – “When people help each other, amazing things happen.”

You Can Earn 50% Profit On Each Item

What our fundraisers love the most about Popcorn Palace is the opportunity to earn 50% profit on each item sold. There are absolutely no up-front costs or minimum order to fundraise with Popcorn Palace. All orders are sorted by participant, making fundraising in large groups simple and stress free.

Raise Over $499 and Get Free Shipping

Fundraisers who raise over $499 in amounts due to Popcorn Palace will receive free shipping! This is the perfect value for larger fundraising organizations or campaigns. Orders can be shipped and tracked throughout the contiguous United States from our facility in Illinois with a working email address.

Fundraising with Popcorn Palace presents valuable opportunities to raise money for your organization or campaign at minimal risk to you. With no up-front costs, minimal orders, and 50% profit on each item sold, Popcorn Palace is the easiest, most profitable fundraiser for your organization or campaign.

For more information about fundraising with Popcorn Palace or unique fundraising ideas, fill out our form below and a fundraising expert will contact you shortly. Or visit our Popcorn Fundraising page for more information.

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