Last Chance for Chocolate Popcorn Orders

6 Apr

L-ChocolateDrizzleCaramel_Group-dtlPopcorn Palace uses premium ingredient to serve you delicious, quality flavored popcorn each and every time. Because we only serve you the very best, we do not ship our chocolate flavors during the hottest months of the year. Three of our most popular flavors are coming to the end of their yearly seasons—October 1st to April 30th.

  • Milk Chocolate Drizzle

Our premium popcorn is covered in Brown Sugar Caramel and then hand-drizzled with rich milk chocolate. It satisfies your cravings—crunchy, creamy, chocolatey and sweet.

  • Double Chocolate

If you are a super chocolate fan, then this double chocolate popcorn is for you. We drizzle rich milk chocolate and sweet white chocolate over lightly salted, slightly sweet Kettle Corn. It’s rich and delicious.

  • White Chocolate Peanut Butter

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a crowd-pleaser. This is one of the first flavors to go at a party. We start with our sweet and salty Kettle Corn, add white chocolate, and finish this flavor off with premium peanut butter.

All three of these are very popular, so make sure you get your order in by April 30th. They’ll be back in October, but that is months away. To help you satisfy your chocolate popcorn craving, we have a special code for you. Use this promo code, “CHOCOBLOG16,” to get free shipping on Diving Bags for chocolate flavors only. This promotion expires April 30th at midnight CST.

If you have any questions about fundraising with popcorn or our other tasty flavors, fill out the form below. You can always read more about us at Popcorn Palace.

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