5 Tips for a Successful Spring Fundraiser

1 Apr

When most fundraisers think of Spring, they imagine themselves winding down and planning for the upcoming Summer months. Most school programs and major holidays have passed and people are starting to plan their family vacations. However, Spring also offers many unique fundraising opportunities for creative ideas. Here are 5 tips for a successful Spring fundraiser:

Incorporate The Lovely Weather


After many months of feeling cooped indoors, people are anxious to go outside and enjoy the Spring weather. Fundraisers should consider connecting their campaign to the excitement of warmer weather and greener grass.

If you’re selling sweets and baked goods, emphasize sweet flavors, spring designs and bright colors into your decorations and promotions. Fundraisers should also consider locating their booths and stands in parks and other outdoor venues.

Sell Tasty Spring Treats


Spring is the perfect time to start selling fruity and refreshing sweet treats. Many families and friends will want to host a picnic or an outdoor barbeque. Hosting spring treat sales like chocolate covered pretzels, cookies and gourmet flavored popcorn tins are a great way to fundraise and put smiles on people’s faces.

Keep in mind, that if you want to sell frozen treats and other perishables, you may need to carry a cooler with you. The warm weather can be hard on these treats if they’re left outside for too long.

Experiment with Fundraisers


The advantage of hosting a fundraiser during the Spring is less competition from larger fundraisers. This gives the opportunity to experiment with smaller, low cost fundraisers like a face painting booth, flower booth or popcorn stand.

If you have larger campaigns planned for the Summer months, use the Spring to test the smaller components. For example, if you’re hosting a large festival in the Summer with multiple bands, booths, contests, and other attractions, you may want to host a small showcasing of select attractions to test the logistics. This will help you better plan for the larger Summer campaigns.  

Focus Campaigns Around Holidays and Spring Vacations


The Spring months has its own share of holidays to look forward to like Easter and Mother’s Day. Incorporate these holidays into your Spring fundraising campaigns for more sales.

Many families and friends also travel for Spring Break. If you’re located in a city with a lot of tourist attractions, consider hosting a small sale or event that plays to these attractions.

Involve the Community


Next to the Winter holidays, Spring is the time where people feel most inspired to join an organization for community service. If you’re raising money for a non-profit or community project, consider recruiting volunteers and advocates. The extra manpower will help broaden the reach of your fundraiser, raising more money in less time.

The sun shine longer and the air is crisper in the Spring; it’s the perfect time to start a fresh new fundraising campaign. The Spring months offer unique opportunities to try smaller campaigns with minimal risks as you plan for the Summer months.

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