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3 Tips for Face-to-Face Fundraising Confidence

27 Apr

A major component to a successful fundraiser is understanding how to effectively communicate your fundraiser’s purpose and progress to potential supporters. While people are comfortable writing an email, drafting a letter or social media post, face-to-face fundraising can feel like a nightmare.

Face-to-face fundraising is the most effective method to raise money for a cause. It is also the most challenging, as it requires practice with soft skills and a good amount of confidence. Like all other skills, practice makes perfect and anyone can learn to be a great face for their fundraiser!

To help you build your confidence and face-to-face fundraising rhythm, we’ve created a list of 3 tips to get you started immediately.

Tip #1: Start the Conversation with Positivity

Expressing positivity is a great way to set a comfortable tone when talking about your fundraiser. Most fundraising causes are heavy with sensitive topics that can make it difficult for potential supporters to jump into. Positivity sets an approachable first impression, allowing you to ease into conversations.

The best way to start a positive conversation is by standing or siting tall and smile early. Good posture will help you feel more confident and better manage your breathing, helping reduce anxiety. There are also numerous studies that show smiling as a major factor in maintaining a relaxed heartrate during stressful activities.[1]

Tip #2: Stay Curious and Learn About Your Supporters

“Small talk” gets a negative reputation as being not genuine and forced. That’s because most fundraisers fail to have an authentic interest in supporters. It’s important to remember that fundraising is a community effort. Without support from the community, the fundraiser will find a difficult time in advancing its cause.

Approach “small talk” as an opportunity to introduce your fundraiser to members of your community. Start by asking yourself:

  • Who is in my community and what are they interested in?
  • If you’re hosting an event or presentation, what made them want to attend?
  • How can your fundraiser develop their ideal community?

The focus of these questions are centered around understanding the wants and interests of members in your community, making your conversations feel less like “small talk”.

Tip #3: Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude before, during, and after your conversations with potential supporters will help deepen your relationship, increasing the likelihood of gaining and continuing support.

Everyone wants to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Showing gratitude can make all the difference in future interactions with the community, even if they initial say “no”. There’s always a chance that they may want to support your fundraiser later. We believe so strongly in expressing gratitude for supporters that we’ve written a full blog about it.

The key to gaining confident in face-to-face fundraising is practice. The first few attempts will feel difficult, but don’t grow discouraged. Use these 3 tips to help you find your rhythm and better engage with potential supporters.

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[1] Lindsay A. “Forcing a Smile Genuinely Decreases Stress”. The Atlantic.

Fundraising Is Easy with Popcorn Palace!

21 Apr

With over 15 years of experience in popcorn fundraising, Popcorn Palace has helped countless fundraising campaigns create joy and meet their goals. Since the beginning, we’ve understood the impact that community support can have on a fundraising campaign.

Today, we continue that tradition by providing fundraisers with extensive resources and ideas for their fundraising success.

Hitting Home Runs with Popcorn Palace

We’ve seen many fundraisers hit their campaign goals, such as Bethany Valle and her son’s little league baseball team’s goal of $300 for an end-of-year celebration. With popcorn fundraising and the help of Popcorn Palace’s extensive resources, the team took a one-week trip to Kennedy Space Center Space Camp for gifted students.

When we asked Bethany about her experience with Popcorn Palace, she said, “The best thing about Popcorn Palace is that it is easy to sell a product that is good.”

We Offer Our Wealth of Knowledge

Our team of fundraising experts work hard to provide you with the latest resources available for successful fundraising. We’ve written years’ worth of weekly blogs, packed with the latest tips, strategies, and creative fundraising ideas to give our fundraisers the leading edge.

Our blog posts cover a wealth of fundraising topics, from the best door-to-door fundraising tips to social media strategies. Stay updated on the most effective tips and strategies by signing up to our e-newsletter at the bottom of the page for our latest news, special announcements & offers.

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We take pride in making every kernel pop with a wide array of flavors and combinations. All of our Gourmet Popcorn is made with 13 natural ingredients and flavors, from rich Nutty Caramel to crispy Brown Sugar Caramel, made fresh and ready for your fundraiser.

Our Gourmet Popcorn comes in a variety of container sizes for our fundraisers. Ranging in sizes from a 1/3 Gallon Snack Bag, perfect for busy bodies to a large 2 Gallon Signature Gift Tin, perfect for parties, friends and families. We’re also offering our best value, a 6-Flavor Gift Set with Cheddarific, Nutty Caramel, Brown Sugar Caramel, Spicy Cheese and more!

Programs That Get Results

One of the major benefits in fundraising with Popcorn Palace is our incredible fundraising program that requires no startup costs or minimum orders. All popcorn purchases are made-to-order, perfect for large organizations, school groups, sports teams, or community groups.

You can also earn 50% profit on each item sold, making fundraising easy and stress free! Also, for a limited time only, fundraisers who raise over $499 in amounts due to Popcorn Palace will receive free shipping throughout the contiguous United States!

At Popcorn Palace, we make fundraising simple and enjoyable with a tasty gourmet treat that everyone will love. Start your fundraising journey today with Popcorn Palace for absolutely no startup costs!

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Earn Profits for Your Organization with Popcorn Palace

13 Apr

Fundraising doesn’t have to feel challenging. Popcorn Palace has many great programs to get you started immediately with minimal start-up costs and a wealth of resources for inspiration and ideas. Our programs are perfect for fundraising projects of any size and requires little commitment, allowing you to take complete control of your fundraising efforts to generate strong profits.

Selling Gourmet Popcorn Is Easy

When people think about selling baked goods and other tasty treats, the first thing that comes to mind is cookies. While they may be tasty, they aren’t the most original idea and you’ll find yourself in thick competition when it’s time to start fundraising. Gourmet popcorn allows your fundraiser to stick out from other fundraisers, giving you the lead in raising money for your cause.

Our gourmet popcorn also comes in 13 all-natural flavors, from crisp Cheddarific to creamy Nutty Caramel, all of our popcorn is made with fresh roasted nuts and authentic fruit oils for the upmost crunch in every bite.

Large Selection of Popcorn Order Sizes

Fundraisers get access to a large selection of popcorn order sizes for fundraising, from a 1/3-gallon Snack Bag for a tasty treat on the-go to a large 2-gallon Signature Gift Tin. We’re also offering the fan favorite 6-Flavor Gift Set, which includes 6 Snack Bags of Brown Sugar Caramel, Spicy Cheese, White Cheddar and more.

We Help You Create Joy

We’ve recently updated our fundraising brochures to help organizations and campaigns promote their cause and Create Joy. The new brochure has an easy-to-read format for customers and testimonials from Rachael Ray, Warren Buffet, and more. The header of the brochure introduces our moto to help inspire contributions – “When people help each other, amazing things happen.”

You Can Earn 50% Profit On Each Item

What our fundraisers love the most about Popcorn Palace is the opportunity to earn 50% profit on each item sold. There are absolutely no up-front costs or minimum order to fundraise with Popcorn Palace. All orders are sorted by participant, making fundraising in large groups simple and stress free.

Raise Over $499 and Get Free Shipping

Fundraisers who raise over $499 in amounts due to Popcorn Palace will receive free shipping! This is the perfect value for larger fundraising organizations or campaigns. Orders can be shipped and tracked throughout the contiguous United States from our facility in Illinois with a working email address.

Fundraising with Popcorn Palace presents valuable opportunities to raise money for your organization or campaign at minimal risk to you. With no up-front costs, minimal orders, and 50% profit on each item sold, Popcorn Palace is the easiest, most profitable fundraiser for your organization or campaign.

For more information about fundraising with Popcorn Palace or unique fundraising ideas, fill out our form below and a fundraising expert will contact you shortly. Or visit our Popcorn Fundraising page for more information.

Last Chance for Chocolate Popcorn Orders

6 Apr

L-ChocolateDrizzleCaramel_Group-dtlPopcorn Palace uses premium ingredient to serve you delicious, quality flavored popcorn each and every time. Because we only serve you the very best, we do not ship our chocolate flavors during the hottest months of the year. Three of our most popular flavors are coming to the end of their yearly seasons—October 1st to April 30th.

  • Milk Chocolate Drizzle

Our premium popcorn is covered in Brown Sugar Caramel and then hand-drizzled with rich milk chocolate. It satisfies your cravings—crunchy, creamy, chocolatey and sweet.

  • Double Chocolate

If you are a super chocolate fan, then this double chocolate popcorn is for you. We drizzle rich milk chocolate and sweet white chocolate over lightly salted, slightly sweet Kettle Corn. It’s rich and delicious.

  • White Chocolate Peanut Butter

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a crowd-pleaser. This is one of the first flavors to go at a party. We start with our sweet and salty Kettle Corn, add white chocolate, and finish this flavor off with premium peanut butter.

All three of these are very popular, so make sure you get your order in by April 30th. They’ll be back in October, but that is months away. To help you satisfy your chocolate popcorn craving, we have a special code for you. Use this promo code, “CHOCOBLOG16,” to get free shipping on Diving Bags for chocolate flavors only. This promotion expires April 30th at midnight CST.

If you have any questions about fundraising with popcorn or our other tasty flavors, fill out the form below. You can always read more about us at Popcorn Palace.

5 Tips for a Successful Spring Fundraiser

1 Apr

When most fundraisers think of Spring, they imagine themselves winding down and planning for the upcoming Summer months. Most school programs and major holidays have passed and people are starting to plan their family vacations. However, Spring also offers many unique fundraising opportunities for creative ideas. Here are 5 tips for a successful Spring fundraiser:

Incorporate The Lovely Weather


After many months of feeling cooped indoors, people are anxious to go outside and enjoy the Spring weather. Fundraisers should consider connecting their campaign to the excitement of warmer weather and greener grass.

If you’re selling sweets and baked goods, emphasize sweet flavors, spring designs and bright colors into your decorations and promotions. Fundraisers should also consider locating their booths and stands in parks and other outdoor venues.

Sell Tasty Spring Treats


Spring is the perfect time to start selling fruity and refreshing sweet treats. Many families and friends will want to host a picnic or an outdoor barbeque. Hosting spring treat sales like chocolate covered pretzels, cookies and gourmet flavored popcorn tins are a great way to fundraise and put smiles on people’s faces.

Keep in mind, that if you want to sell frozen treats and other perishables, you may need to carry a cooler with you. The warm weather can be hard on these treats if they’re left outside for too long.

Experiment with Fundraisers


The advantage of hosting a fundraiser during the Spring is less competition from larger fundraisers. This gives the opportunity to experiment with smaller, low cost fundraisers like a face painting booth, flower booth or popcorn stand.

If you have larger campaigns planned for the Summer months, use the Spring to test the smaller components. For example, if you’re hosting a large festival in the Summer with multiple bands, booths, contests, and other attractions, you may want to host a small showcasing of select attractions to test the logistics. This will help you better plan for the larger Summer campaigns.  

Focus Campaigns Around Holidays and Spring Vacations


The Spring months has its own share of holidays to look forward to like Easter and Mother’s Day. Incorporate these holidays into your Spring fundraising campaigns for more sales.

Many families and friends also travel for Spring Break. If you’re located in a city with a lot of tourist attractions, consider hosting a small sale or event that plays to these attractions.

Involve the Community


Next to the Winter holidays, Spring is the time where people feel most inspired to join an organization for community service. If you’re raising money for a non-profit or community project, consider recruiting volunteers and advocates. The extra manpower will help broaden the reach of your fundraiser, raising more money in less time.

The sun shine longer and the air is crisper in the Spring; it’s the perfect time to start a fresh new fundraising campaign. The Spring months offer unique opportunities to try smaller campaigns with minimal risks as you plan for the Summer months.

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