Booster Club Fundraising: Do’s and Don’ts

17 Mar

Booster clubs have long offered their assistance and support to schools seeking to raise money for student programs. And with recent budget cuts drastically affecting many traditional extracurricular activities, the role of booster club fundraising has never been more important!

Still, regulations set into effect by district and governmental authorities can make booster club fundraising a bit more complicated these days – which is why the experts at Popcorn Palace have outlined these important “do’s” and “don’ts”…

Do maintain contact with your school or university’s administration. Make sure you provide them with the details of your planned fundraising efforts before beginning each project – and ask for their approval prior to spending funds.

Don’t isolate your club. A tailgating fundraiser could benefit immensely from the combined efforts of cheerleading, band, and the football boosters – so, why not join forces for the benefit of all? Do reach out to parents and supporters of other groups, and actively seek opportunities which allow collaboration. You’ll widen your network, and support the success of your booster club fundraising efforts.

Do ask the parents of graduating seniors to mentor your new recruits. Begin courting parents of new students with an open house or introduction at (or before!) your freshmen orientation. Pair them up with experienced members, to help them learn the ropes, and get comfortable with the way your booster club works before taking over.

Don’t overlook the value of 501(c)3 status. It may take some time to register as a tax exempt organization, but it is definitely worth the effort! Do ask a local attorney for help in guiding your club through the process, and maintaining your status once the paperwork has been filed successfully. They’ll be doing a great service to their community – and you’ll gain the ability to legally promote your booster club fundraising efforts, collect contributions, and provide a tax benefit to your donors.

Do establish formal accounting policies and procedures. It’s important that you track your booster club fundraising efforts and results, and maintain accurate financial records, to remain in compliance with authorities.

Don’t forget to contact friends, alumni, and local businesses. Staying in touch with your community is key! So make sure to communicate your fundraising plans to others, so that they can easily contribute to your success.

Don’t overextend. One of the biggest mistakes a booster club can make is to run too many fundraising events. It’s far better to run a few successful fundraisers, than to run constant or simultaneous campaigns. Do simplify your efforts, by running straightforward, easy-to-manage campaigns 2-3 times per year – your concentrated efforts will be more organized and impactful – and you’ll see the rewards!

Do seek out partners who add value to your campaign. There are many businesses and organizations who are willing to offer your booster club assistance – and they can add value and variety to your fundraising efforts. The fundraising team at Popcorn Palace is a great example! We offer expert advice, guidance, and assistance – all while providing your booster club with delicious and nutritious treats which entice and delight your supporters.

Don’t just take our word for it! Click here, to see how Popcorn Palace supports the fundraising efforts of schools and charitable organizations nationwide, with no upfront costs – and learn how our gourmet popcorn can add flavor to your booster club fundraising efforts! We’re helping organizations create joy!

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