“Thank You” Goes a Long Way

16 Feb

Nothing makes supporters feel better than being thanked for their contribution. It’s a major step in strengthening the relationship that you’ve made and it can help keep your support rates high. It provides a personal touch to your fundraising campaign and allows them to have an emotional connection to your cause – furthering the success of your campaign.

The Power of “Thank You”

Inspiring supporters to gift again is much easier than gifting for the first time because they have already invested into your cause. According to research by Bloomerang, after their first contribution, 13% of supporters never gift again because they were never thanked[1].

The power behind expressing “thank you” comes from giving supporters the opportunity to see how their contribution impacted your cause. It allows them to celebrate in the progress of your fundraiser and builds excitement for more success in the future. Although a simple “thank you” can be highly impactful. The way you say “thank you” can make all the difference in how appreciated they’ll feel.

The Different Ways of Expressing Thanks

There are plenty of ways to express thanks and each have their own distinct advantages. Here are 3 popular methods that you can use to express thanks:


The two main advantages of sending a “thank you” email is its cost effectiveness and the ability to spread a message quickly. You can also link your social media accounts to the email, allowing supporters to follow your fundraiser. However, email is the least personal platform and many emails go unread, limiting its impact.

“Thank You” Letter

Sending a “thank you” letter allows your fundraiser to be personal and memorable. It also allows you to be creative in the materials and format, such as bright colored paper and expressive hand-writing. However, creating a personal “thank you” letter is highly time consuming, and it requires postage, envelopes and materials.

Web Video

Creating a web video can be both personable and easy to distribute. It is the most time consuming out of all 3 methods, but it is also the method with the most opportunities. Creating a web video that visually illustrates the progress of your fundraiser is the most impactful way of expressing appreciation.

For example, if you’re fundraising for new football uniforms, sharing a highlight reel with a “thank you” message by the team captain is a powerful way to show that their contribution helped make a difference.

Whatever method you choose to express thanks, the most important thing is to make it personal. It should clearly illustrate how their contribution has impacted your fundraiser and the progress that the fundraiser has made. This will allow supporters to feel ownership over their investment, inspiring them to maintain the relationship and make further contributions overtime.

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[1] Jay L. “Why Donors Stop Giving”. Bloomerang. http://fundraisingcoach.com/2013/04/15/guest-post-why-donors-stop-giving/

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