Our Best Fundraising Advice

10 Feb

It’s easy to raise the funds you need for your school or organization’s campaign with the help of Popcorn Palace’s delicious gourmet treats – but a little extra planning can go a long way!

We’ve gathered our best step-by-step fundraising advice, to set you on the right track towards meeting your goals.

  1. Get the word out! Communication is key – so make sure you spread the word about your fundraising goals, and communicate your plans to key players as early on in the process as possible. If your campaign requires special planning or approval, you’ll want to address this with your organization or school administration early on, so you don’t run into any snags, later.

    Ask the person in charge of your organization’s community outreach for fundraising advice – and ask them to make an announcement, or put out a call to action. Their assistance can help you gain interest, gather volunteers, and rally community involvement.

  2. Form a team. Ask parents, teachers, and other members of your community to get involved. Once you’ve gathered a team of dedicated supporters, get together to review the helpful info provided by Popcorn Palace’s Fundraising Team. Go over your campaign goals, and make sure that everyone is on the same page.
  3. Create a cheat sheet. Prepare a list of questions which might arise, and give your volunteers suggestions for helpful responses. Make a cheat sheet which describes your sales prices, dates, and other important details, in case your fundraising team needs a little reminder. This will help you avoid any confusion, in future – and help you save time.
  4. Practice your pitch. While it’s true that our gourmet popcorn is so good it sells itself, it’s important to empower your team with a great sales speech. Prepare them to educate others and improve their outreach, by rehearsing a few lines about your cause. They’ll feel more comfortable interacting with others – and your fundraiser will gain more support.
  5. Outline your schedule. You’ll want to make some decisions about when things will happen, in order to keep your campaign running smoothly. Some important milestones to consider include:
  • Collection Dates. Set a clear, defined period of time in which you’ll collect orders – and make sure your volunteers know exactly when your campaign will end. Campaigns which last less than two weeks are ideal – but give yourself a few days of grace time to collect and receive orders from every member of your campaign team.
  • Order Delivery. It’s important to know when your Popcorn Palace Gourmet Popcorn will arrive. Schedule some time to unpack your order for distribution, and you’ll help ensure a smooth experience. All items are pre-sorted by participant.
  • Customer Delivery. Let customers know up front when you expect to deliver their order – you’ll not only avoid confusion, you’ll save time responding to inquiries, down the road.

Remember, stay organized – and stick to your plan! You’ll avoid confusion, create a great fundraising experience for your volunteers, participants, and supporters – and ensure the success of your Popcorn Palace fundraiser.

For more information on how we can help your school or organization launch a successful campaign, and reach your fundraising goals – contact Popcorn Palace today, for expert fundraising advice.

Let’s get popping!


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