Create Joy with Popcorn Palace

28 Jan

Cheese-CaramelCalling all fundraising enthusiasts and popcorn lovers! We’re happy to announce the launch of our Create Joy Initiative with new changes to our fundraising brochure.

We want to help fundraisers communicate their impact of your cause in our brochures. We understand that donors are buying more than great popcorn, they’re also investing in your cause. To help you communicate your cause, we’ve created some big additions to our fundraising brochure.

A New and Improved Fundraising Brochure

Our brochure comes with many exciting changes. The brochure is easier to navigate with added colors and illustrations, headlining our new motto, “When people help each other, amazing things happen.” We’ve also included personal testimonials from Rachael Ray, Warren Buffet, The Chicago Tribune and more to help support your fundraising contributions.

Joy in Every Bite

Near the end of 2015, we added a flavor to the fundraising options never before seen in our fundraising program, Cheese-Caramel. Our classic Brown Sugar Caramel popcorn is coated with cheesy cheddar for a perfect combination of two fan favorites in every kernel.

In addition to our new flavor, we’re announcing a new program – raise $499 in contributions to Popcorn Palace and we’ll handle your shipping for free! Don’t forget, 50% of your purchases will always directly support your cause. Visit Popcorn Palace to read more about our popcorn and programs.

We’re excited to help you meet your fundraising goals with our Create Joy Initiative and new fundraising brochure. To request our brochure or more information about fundraising and how our Create Joy Initiative will help you increase contributions, fill out our form below and a fundraising expert will reach your shortly!


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