5 Fundraising Tips to Keep Kids Motivated

6 Jan

Taking part in a fundraiser can be a highly rewarding experience for kids with an interest in serving their community. It allows them to create and achieve goals, gain business experience, and engage with a cause. For some kids, they approach fundraising with great enthusiasm from start to finish. Others may feel unsure about where to start or how to succeed in fundraising, which is fine. This is where we come in.

To help your kid gain the most out of their successful fundraiser, we’ve created a list of 5 tips to help kids stay motivated:

  1. Offer to Join Your Child’s Fundraising Team

Safety is a major priority when fundraising with kids. Depending on the fundraiser, there may be cooking, preparing, or commuting required. It is important to maintain adult supervision, preferably from their legal guardian, throughout the fundraising campaign to provide help and guidance where needed. If your child is raising money by selling treats, be present at their booth and set a limit to how much money you are going to carry.

Keep in mind that most stores and restaurants prohibit the selling of goods outside of their establishment. If you’re interested in setting a booth outside of a store or restaurant, see your fundraising organization about any sponsorships with local establishments.

  1. Explain The Importance of Fundraising

Depending on the age of your child, they may or may not have a thorough understanding of why they’re participating in a fundraiser. Most school sponsored fundraisers and independent organizations may provide rewards and prizes for fundraising a certain amount. Although receiving prizes is an exciting incentive to fundraise, it may not speak to the purpose of the fundraiser itself.

Use these opportunities to explain to your child why they should fundraise and how it benefits a cause. If they’re fundraising for an awareness campaign, explain to them why the campaign needs help and how their efforts are playing an important role in bringing awareness about an issue.

  1. Make Fundraising Fun

Managing a booth, asking for donations or selling goods can be an intimidating experience for shy or younger children. One excellent way to build confidence is to fundraise with a group of their friends. If your child has friends who are participating in the fundraiser, ask if they are interested in having a friendly competition. This will help the group stay motivated to purse their goals and maintain their enthusiasm.

Turn the less-fun parts, such as setting up or packing, into a game. Help your child find ways in which they can set-up or pack faster. Set a timer and try to beat daily records. Get creative!

  1. Find Achievable Goals

Help your child find reasonable goals for their fundraising efforts. Setting really high goals in a short amount of time is challenging. Depending on their fundraiser, having a really high goal may be discouraging.

Start their fundraiser with short term goals that are easily attainable like managing their baked goods booth every day after school for a week or reach $10.00 in a week. The purpose of these short term goals is to build momentum with a sense of achievement as they make their way to greater goals. Set the benchmark higher each time, giving them greater challenges as they go until they’ve met their overall goal.

  1. Set Your Daily Benchmark

Encourage your child to record the progress of their fundraising efforts. This can be done with a thermometer chart, tracking their short-term achievements, leading to their overall goal. The key is to build excitement for all of the good work that they’re doing as they reach closer to their overall goal. At the end of each fundraising day, help your child count up their earnings and notate their totals, reminding them of how far they’ve come.

The key to any successful fundraiser is motivation. When your child is motivated, they will be more proactive and committed to meeting their goals. Parents or legal guardians can play a major role in helping their child find their confidence by offering their time and resources. With these 5 tips, they’ll reach their goals in no-time!


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