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Create Joy with Popcorn Palace

28 Jan

Cheese-CaramelCalling all fundraising enthusiasts and popcorn lovers! We’re happy to announce the launch of our Create Joy Initiative with new changes to our fundraising brochure.

We want to help fundraisers communicate their impact of your cause in our brochures. We understand that donors are buying more than great popcorn, they’re also investing in your cause. To help you communicate your cause, we’ve created some big additions to our fundraising brochure.

A New and Improved Fundraising Brochure

Our brochure comes with many exciting changes. The brochure is easier to navigate with added colors and illustrations, headlining our new motto, “When people help each other, amazing things happen.” We’ve also included personal testimonials from Rachael Ray, Warren Buffet, The Chicago Tribune and more to help support your fundraising contributions.

Joy in Every Bite

Near the end of 2015, we added a flavor to the fundraising options never before seen in our fundraising program, Cheese-Caramel. Our classic Brown Sugar Caramel popcorn is coated with cheesy cheddar for a perfect combination of two fan favorites in every kernel.

In addition to our new flavor, we’re announcing a new program – raise $499 in contributions to Popcorn Palace and we’ll handle your shipping for free! Don’t forget, 50% of your purchases will always directly support your cause. Visit Popcorn Palace to read more about our popcorn and programs.

We’re excited to help you meet your fundraising goals with our Create Joy Initiative and new fundraising brochure. To request our brochure or more information about fundraising and how our Create Joy Initiative will help you increase contributions, fill out our form below and a fundraising expert will reach your shortly!


Fresh Goals for Fundraising in the New Year

20 Jan

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of the previous year – and to begin considering your fundraising goals for the year ahead.

At Popcorn Palace, we want to support your organization’s efforts, and help you meet your fundraising goals – which is why we’ve composed this list of our best fundraising strategies!

  • Set SMART goals. In this article on Classy Blog, Allison Gauss discusses a fundraising strategy based around the “SMART” acronym – Specific, Measurable, Ambitious/Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based. Consider your previous successes and failures, and ask yourself how you can carry those lessons into your current efforts – then outline some basic goals which align with the SMART strategy. By making sure that each goal you set for fundraising meets these requirements, you’ll help set your organization up for success!
  • Examine the gap. Don’t focus simply on beating your fundraising numbers from last year – examine the gap between your previous numbers, and this year’s budget. Then, take a hard look at your identified donors list – do your expected donations cover that gap? If the answer is no, it’s time to consider launching a new fundraising campaign or activity to help you gain fresh support, reach and engage new donors, and raise funds to close the gap.
  • Get personal. According to statistics, 80% of non-profit donations come from individuals – which means it’s time to get personal! Make a list of your organization’s top donors, and reach out to each of them individually. Take the time to develop relationships with these individuals throughout the year – not just when the “giving season” begins! Thank them for their support throughout the year, and remind them how important their contributions are to your organization.
  • Consider planned donations. Creation of a monthly giving program or other scheduled donation plan can be a great addition to your organization’s fundraising goals. Start by asking previous donors to commit to a small planned donation, and see if you can build a network of regular supporters. You may find that such a program helps your organization build a great baseline for fundraising projections, and gain clarity regarding the year’s expected donations.
  • Boost your social media presence. The best way to reach new donors, these days, is to meet them where they are at – online. Join a few networking groups, online meet-ups, or forums dedicated to the causes your organization supports, and start a dialogue regarding your efforts. Social media can be an excellent avenue for creating connection with others who are interested in your cause – and a wider network of supporters will help you more easily meet your fundraising goals.
  • Try something new. Plan a new event, fundraising activity, or campaign – something fresh, fun, and interesting, which adds value to your audience. Not sure where to start? Visit the Popcorn Palace blog, for some inspiration – or contact our fundraising team today! We’re happy to provide the guidance you need to meet your goals, and put the FUN back in fundraising.

Congratulations on another successful fundraising season! We wish you and your organization the best this coming year, and always. Check our fundraising popcorn page for further information or contact us by filling out the form below.

Six Tips to Get More from Door to Door Fundraising!

15 Jan

The idea of door to door fundraising can be nerve-racking for most. But door to door fundraising continues to be a highly effective component for many notable charities and fundraisers.

Studies conducted by McNair Ingenuity Research found that door to door fundraising is the second most successful method of fundraising for major charities with a success rate of 53%[1]. The research has also found additional benefits for the charity, such as bringing awareness to the fundraiser’s cause and opportunities to reach community members who are unresponsive to other promotional methods.

The most important factor to a successful door to door fundraising strategy is preparation. Practicing your delivery, organizing materials, and planning your route are easy tasks that can lead to major results. To get help you start on your door to door fundraiser, we’ve created a list of 6 must-have tips for a successful door to door fundraising campaign:

  1. Understand the Laws of Your State

Depending on your State, you may have to register your charity for a permit to legally have a door to door fundraiser. If the fundraiser is for a school, speak with the administration about registering your fundraiser through the school.

Fundraisers can register at their Attorney General’s office or local police station. The registration process may ask you to provide financial reports and context of your fundraiser, so be sure to have your materials ready.

  1. Visit in Groups of 2 or 3

If your fundraiser is largely made up of children, then it is highly recommended to have adults accompany each group. Having groups of 2 or 3 will not only make door to door fundraising safer, it will also give your groups more confidence.

Also, set a maximum goal for the amount of money or merchandise that you’re willing to carry as a group. After a group has reached their fundraising goal, have them deposit their balance with the charity or organization.

  1. Pick Your Routes Carefully

Take into consideration the kind of neighborhoods that you will visit. If the neighborhood consists of working professionals, it may be best to visit them when they’re home on weekend mornings or after 5:00pm on weekdays. If the neighborhood is largely a retirement community, then consider visiting in the late morning to early afternoon.

If you’re unsure of the demographic of your community, you can use key markers to gain a better understanding of the neighborhoods. Communities with many large recreational areas and parks tend to be occupied by families, whereas large apartment complexes tend to house young professionals. More importantly, only visit neighborhoods that you’re familiar with.

  1. Organize Promotional Materials

Take each visit as an opportunity to spread awareness of your fundraiser. If you meet someone who is uninterested in making a donation, offering them a pamphlet or other promotional materials may inspire them to make a donation later.

To add legitimacy to your fundraiser, make shirts, hats, or badges for your groups to wear advertising your cause. The key is to make the most out of every interaction. If you’re not receiving many donations, then take the opportunity to establish a personal connection to your fundraiser.

  1. Simplify the Giving Process

If you’re selling treats or gathering signatures for your fundraiser, make the giving process as simple as possible. Having too many steps in the giving process can deter donors who are interested in helping your fundraiser but are limited on time.

Your groups will also benefit greatly from a simplified process. By having fewer steps to a successful donation, your groups will have more confidence in interacting with potential donors. Ask your groups for advice or input in how to simplify forms or donation pitches. The more comfortable your groups are with the process the more fluid they will feel about advocating the fundraiser.

  1. Make Nurturing Morale a Priority

The key to a successful interaction is to build hype and excitement about what it is that you’re fundraising for. The organization should focus on nurturing the morale of the groups, offering support to build their confidence as they represent the fundraiser with every interaction. Set time aside after each campaign to thank your groups. Create small and attainable goals for each day, proving to your groups that progress is being made.

The most important factor to a successful door to door strategy is confidence. The safer, simpler, and more rewarding your door to door strategy is, the more confident they will be advocating for the fundraiser. At the very minimum, use each interaction with a potential donor as an opportunity to create excitement for your fundraiser’s cause.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be stressful. Popcorn Palace offers fundraising support for its Gourmet Popcorn customers with informational fundraising kits to get you started. Our Gourmet Popcorn is made with all natural flavors, from Milk Chocolate Drizzle to Cheddarific. Your group will also keep 50% of all the items you sell! For more information about fundraising with Popcorn Palace, fill out the form below and a fundraising expert will contact you shortly.

Or visit our fundraising page for more fundraising information.

[1] Angela B. “What is the most effective method for charity fundraising?”. Mumbrella.

5 Fundraising Tips to Keep Kids Motivated

6 Jan

Taking part in a fundraiser can be a highly rewarding experience for kids with an interest in serving their community. It allows them to create and achieve goals, gain business experience, and engage with a cause. For some kids, they approach fundraising with great enthusiasm from start to finish. Others may feel unsure about where to start or how to succeed in fundraising, which is fine. This is where we come in.

To help your kid gain the most out of their successful fundraiser, we’ve created a list of 5 tips to help kids stay motivated:

  1. Offer to Join Your Child’s Fundraising Team

Safety is a major priority when fundraising with kids. Depending on the fundraiser, there may be cooking, preparing, or commuting required. It is important to maintain adult supervision, preferably from their legal guardian, throughout the fundraising campaign to provide help and guidance where needed. If your child is raising money by selling treats, be present at their booth and set a limit to how much money you are going to carry.

Keep in mind that most stores and restaurants prohibit the selling of goods outside of their establishment. If you’re interested in setting a booth outside of a store or restaurant, see your fundraising organization about any sponsorships with local establishments.

  1. Explain The Importance of Fundraising

Depending on the age of your child, they may or may not have a thorough understanding of why they’re participating in a fundraiser. Most school sponsored fundraisers and independent organizations may provide rewards and prizes for fundraising a certain amount. Although receiving prizes is an exciting incentive to fundraise, it may not speak to the purpose of the fundraiser itself.

Use these opportunities to explain to your child why they should fundraise and how it benefits a cause. If they’re fundraising for an awareness campaign, explain to them why the campaign needs help and how their efforts are playing an important role in bringing awareness about an issue.

  1. Make Fundraising Fun

Managing a booth, asking for donations or selling goods can be an intimidating experience for shy or younger children. One excellent way to build confidence is to fundraise with a group of their friends. If your child has friends who are participating in the fundraiser, ask if they are interested in having a friendly competition. This will help the group stay motivated to purse their goals and maintain their enthusiasm.

Turn the less-fun parts, such as setting up or packing, into a game. Help your child find ways in which they can set-up or pack faster. Set a timer and try to beat daily records. Get creative!

  1. Find Achievable Goals

Help your child find reasonable goals for their fundraising efforts. Setting really high goals in a short amount of time is challenging. Depending on their fundraiser, having a really high goal may be discouraging.

Start their fundraiser with short term goals that are easily attainable like managing their baked goods booth every day after school for a week or reach $10.00 in a week. The purpose of these short term goals is to build momentum with a sense of achievement as they make their way to greater goals. Set the benchmark higher each time, giving them greater challenges as they go until they’ve met their overall goal.

  1. Set Your Daily Benchmark

Encourage your child to record the progress of their fundraising efforts. This can be done with a thermometer chart, tracking their short-term achievements, leading to their overall goal. The key is to build excitement for all of the good work that they’re doing as they reach closer to their overall goal. At the end of each fundraising day, help your child count up their earnings and notate their totals, reminding them of how far they’ve come.

The key to any successful fundraiser is motivation. When your child is motivated, they will be more proactive and committed to meeting their goals. Parents or legal guardians can play a major role in helping their child find their confidence by offering their time and resources. With these 5 tips, they’ll reach their goals in no-time!


Make fundraising easy with no up-front costs by selling Gourmet Popcorn with Popcorn Palace. We offer the highest-quality popcorn with all-natural flavors, from fluffy Macadamia Magic to a colorful Fruit Rainbow. Our popcorn is perfect for every occasion, from retreats to birthday parties! We are also offering free shipping for popcorn sale dues that are over $499. For more information about fundraising with Popcorn Palace, fill out the form below and a fundraising expert will contact you shortly!