4 Social Media Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

30 Dec

The influence of social media to the success of a fundraising campaign is huge. It allows you to branch your campaign to people who identify with your cause, broadening your audience to reach more donors. Recent studies by Blackbaud show that online giving grew 13.8% in the summer of 2015 when compared to the year before it[1].

While the opportunities found in social media are highly valuable for fundraisers, success comes with time and dedication to your message. To help your fundraiser reach its social media potential, follow our 4 tips to effectively communicate your message to your audience:

  1. Invest in Platforms That Best Fit Your Fundraiser

It’s important to understand the demographic and voice of your social media networks. For example, 30% of people between the ages of 26 – 34 use Twitter with 23% using Facebook[2]. These numbers are different for people between the ages of 18 – 25, with 29% using Facebook and 13% using Twitter[3]. Although these age groups are a few years apart, there is a major difference in lifestyle and experience.

Another thing to consider when choosing your social media networks is the nature of the medium itself. Facebook allows you to share more information than most other platforms with a character limit of 175. Twitter on the other hand caps you at 60 characters. Audience demographics, character limits and other features will play a major role in the way you communicate your message.

  1. Design Content to Your Audience

Before you can ask someone to donate, you need to have an audience of people who identify with your cause. The key to fundraising is to maintain a narrative for your audience to identify with. The narrative tells your audience why they should donate, where the donation is going, and how their part is building into your cause.

Social media gives you the opportunity to bring personality into your narrative by sharing milestones, offering opportunities for involvement, and stay responsive to your audience. To do this effectively, focus your message around social sharing – captivating posts that people publicly identify with. According to Marketo, 73% of people share posts to find people with common interests[4]. Having highly sharable content will organically grow your audience as people identify with your message.

  1. Maintain Your Momentum by Being Interactive

Maintain the momentum of you message by interacting with your audience. A survey conducted by Waggener Edstrom found that 55% of people who engage with causes on social media are inspired to take further action[5]. This can be as simple as updating your logos and images to reflect the holidays and public events or thanking your donors.

Stay in the loop of what people are responding to by using relevant hashtags. For example, if there is a trending hashtag about a football game and your fundraiser is raising money for new football equipment at a local high school, it may benefit your fundraiser to follow the hashtag. The important thing is to stay in the conversation and engage with the subject matter.

  1. Call to Action – Reference Your Website

The most important component of your message is its call to action. Without a call to action, then your audience will not know how they can support your cause. Keep in mind that social media isn’t necessarily designed to accept donations. You will need to refer people to your website or pay page to see value from your efforts.

Social media allows you to engage your message to a broader audience. It offers you more opportunities to drive your narrative and personify your cause, allowing your audience to accept your message as their own. The key is to remain consistent with your message and efforts, maintaining the momentum that you’ve built overtime.


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