Season’s Greetings: Holiday Gifts From Popcorn Palace

9 Dec

No matter the weather, gourmet popcorn is a delicious and nutritious snack which will tantalize the taste buds of your friends and family. Made with wholesome ingredients and flavored with love, Popcorn Palace makes it easy for you to send warm greetings to your loved ones this holiday season.

Why are Popcorn Palace’s gourmet selections the right choice for your holiday gifts?

Popcorn brings people together. Whether you’re roasting chestnuts or relaxing around the fire – Popcorn Palace’s gourmet popcorn is an experience to be shared! So gather round the tree to tell stories of Christmases past, and pass around a tin of our sweet gourmet treats.
We have something for everyone. Tired of searching for the perfect holiday gifts for that hard-to-please person? Popcorn Palace has something for everyone! Whether you favor sweet or savory, our gourmet mixes entice and delight the most discerning of tastebuds.

Can’t decide? Our Create Your Own Tins allow you to choose your favorite flavors – so order your tried-and-true loves, or sample a few of our newest recipes. Our menu of tastes holds a wide selection of options from classic butter to hand-crafted artisanal treats – all guaranteed to please.

Popcorn, on the go! Tired of toting your casserole dish to the holiday potluck? Popcorn Palace’s Divine Bags are made to be portable – so order a few, and avoid all the hassle. They are 1 gallon resealable bag, so you have no worries about knocking them down. Just grab and go – and remove all the stress of contributing to seasonal commitments with a holiday gift that keeps on giving!

The healthier treat. Let’s face it – traditional seasonal snacks aren’t the healthiest choice. Laden with empty calories and unnecessary additives – it’s no wonder so many folks pack on the holiday weight! But Popcorn Palace’s delicious gourmet treats are hand-crafted with your health in mind. Made from wholesome, natural ingredients, we leave out all that artificial stuff – so you can enjoy your holiday snacking, without worrying about all those extra ingredients!
Want to give your friends and family great holiday gifts which let them know you care? Popcorn Palace’s Artisanal Holiday Tins send a warm message! They’re packed with tasty gourmet snacks guaranteed to bring your loved ones closer – if only so they can grab their own handful!

So, choose your favorite flavors from our wide of array of tasty, hand-crafted recipes, today – and celebrate your holiday season in good health, with delicious and nutritious treats from Popcorn Palace.

Season’s Greetings – and get snacking!

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