5 Holiday Gift Giving Traditions from Around the World

25 Nov

Families all over the world come together for the Holiday Season to celebrate time with their loved ones. Many families have special traditions to bring everyone into the holiday spirit. From festive dinners to unique folktales about giving gifts, the Holiday Season is the most wonderful time of the year!

To celebrate the Holiday Season, we’ve picked our 5 favorite gift giving traditions from around the world!

  1. La Befana, Italy

In some parts of Italy, Christmas gifts are delivered by La Befana – a benevolent elderly woman who flies on her broom on Ephiphany Eve (January 5th) to gift holiday treats to children. La Befana fills the stocking of children who behave with candy, fruits and other sweets and goodies. The children who misbehave get “coal” or bitter candy instead. The children traditionally leave out a small glass of wine and traditional holiday foods for her arrival.

  1. The Christmas Cracker, United Kingdom

The Christmas Cracker are a fun Christmas present given throughout the United Kingdom that holds a special prize. The cracker is made from a cardboard tube encased in bright wrapping paper. The ends of the cracker are each held by a person and pulled tightly, leading to an uneven break with the winner holding the larger half. The crackers are filled with small toys, bonbons, fortunes, or a colorful paper hat to be worn during Christmas dinner.

  1. The Cagatio, Spain

The Cagatio is a hollow log that graces the living rooms of Catalan homes around the holiday season. The logs are propped up with two stick legs, covered in a blanket for warmth, and are painted with a smiling face and a bright red nose. Families fill the log with fruit, juice, and other sweets before bed and wake-up to small gifts underneath the log. The better the children treat the log, the larger the gifts they’ll receive leading to Christmas.

  1. The Christmas Pickle, United States

This American tradition traces its origins back to Germany, where glass fruit ornaments were highly popular in the 1880s. Families in the United States still practice the same tradition as the Germans did. The Christmas Pickle was the last ornament to be hung on the Christmas Tree, hidden from view. Once the Christmas Pickle was set, the children would then search for the ornament in the tree with the first place winner receiving an extra Christmas gift.

  1. The Yule Lads, Iceland

The Yule Lads tells the story of 13 trolls who travel through Iceland, starting on the 23rd of December and ending on Epiphany (January 6th). The Children of Iceland leave their shoes on their window sills to be filled with treats and small gifts every evening. The children who behaved the preceding day received the treats and gifts, but children who misbehaved received a potato instead.

Family traditions are a fun way to celebrate time spent together over the Holiday Season. At Popcorn Palace, we’re beyond excited for our festive Gourmet Popcorn. We offer a variety of fresh flavors including our limited time only Double Chocolate. It’s the perfect gift to pass around the fireplace for your loved ones to enjoy. For more information about Popcorn Palace and our flavor options, visit our Popcorn Palace Holiday Gifts page or fill out the form below.

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