5 Popular Thanksgiving Traditions for The Family

11 Nov

The fourth Thursday of November is a day that people across the U.S. look forward to every-year, Thanksgiving! Families and friends join together to celebrate the Pilgrim’s first feast with the Wampanoag Indians in 1621 as a time to give thanks.

Thanksgiving is also a holiday full of wonderful traditions that are widely celebrated today. While all families and friends have traditions that they’ve celebrated for generations, many traditions have a deep and championed history throughout the United States.

To celebrate the season of being thankful, we’ve made a list of 5 popular Thanksgiving traditions that make the holiday one of our favorites:

Turkey Trots

For some families, the morning of Thanksgiving is the perfect time to run a Turkey Trot – a 5K+ marathon held every Thanksgiving. Many Turkey Trots have a storied history, going back many generations to the late 1800s.

In today’s Turkey Trots, it is tradition for families to dress up as turkeys or pilgrims as they run through their city. There’s an expected 1,000 Turkey Trots across the United States with the largest held in Dallas, Texas, hosting over 40,000 marathoners every year. Many of these races are sponsored by local youth and fitness organizations with proceeds going to charity.


With family members and friends traveling across the United States to join their loved ones, Thanksgiving is a time to toss around the old pigskin. Watching football on TV and playing a game with the family on Thanksgiving have become a major tradition for sport fans. The tradition started in 1934 during the midst of the Great Depression when the Portsmouth Spartans played a game against the then World Champions, the Chicago Bears.

Today, the NFL has an average over 27 million viewers per-game on Thanksgiving with the Dallas Cowboys – Philadelphia Eagles game sporting around 32 million viewers.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was held in 1924 by Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan, New York to showcase the “World’s Largest Store”. The parade fills the streets of New York with 3.5 million in attendance and 50 million viewers to watch the floats, massive balloons, and marching bands.

Although plenty of celebrities attend the parade, Santa Claus has been the family favorite for decades. The parade has been shortened from 6 miles to 2.5 miles and has grown to showcase complex floats and detailed balloons each year to signal the winter holidays.

Lucky Wishbone Break

The tradition of catching a “lucky break” by snapping a wishbone is older than the United States, dating back to 322 B.C with the Etruscan people. It involves two people, each grabbing the end of the bone with their pinky finger and tugging at it with a wish in mind. The one who ends with the largest piece of bone has their wish fulfilled.

Most families enjoy the lucky wishbone break after the turkey meal. The wishbone is removed from the turkey before cooking and set aside to dry for a crisp break.

Thanksgiving Dinner          

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the Thanksgiving dinner! The dinner celebrates the first feast at Plymouth in 1621 between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. The feast was held to celebrate a bountiful autumn harvest as a way of giving thanks after a hard year of scarcity.

Many families celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies and other sweets. The dinner is an important centerpiece to the holiday as families and friends come together from great distances to share thanks over a meal.

To celebrate Thanksgiving dinner, we offer a variety of sweet and savory gourmet popcorn flavors that complement any feast. We recommend our Brown Sugar Caramel flavor for its crisp taste and hint of butter and Better Salt ‘n Pepper, a winning combination for a perfect Thanksgiving meal. For dessert, our Milk Chocolate Drizzle or Double Chocolate are the perfect sweet treat.

Thanksgiving is a holiday of rich traditions where friends and family to give thanks for another great year. Let us be part of your celebration with our gourmet popcorn flavors. We offer discounts for multiple bag orders and always ship fresh. For more information about Popcorn Palace and our flavors, visit our popcorn flavor page or fill out the form below.

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