Cheese-Caramel Popcorn: A New Fundraising Flavor!

29 Oct

Popcorn Palace is excited to present a brand new option to our stellar list of fundraising popcorn flavors. Please help us welcome Cheese-Caramel! Cheese-Caramel

This exciting new fundraising option joins our existing portfolio of fundraising flavors: White Cheddar, Brown Sugar Caramel, Milk Chocolate Drizzle, Chicago Chic®, Cheddarific, Nutty Caramel, Fruit Rainbow, Kettle Corn, Cookies & Dream, Better Salt ‘n Pepper, Spicy Cheese, and White Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Cheese-Caramel combines two favorite and popular popcorn flavors, rolling our delicious Brown Sugar Caramel in Cheddar topping. With the sweet and rich flavors of Caramel and the sharp, salty zest of Cheddar, this new flavor combination is perfect for enthusiasts of sweet and savory snacks.

Our Chicago Chic® flavor, which offers a mix of distinct Cheddarific and Brown Sugar Caramel popcorns, has been a fundraising crowd-pleaser for a longtime. While popcorn enthusiasts can pick and choose how to eat their Brown Sugar Caramel and Cheddarific pieces in Chicago Chic® popcorn, our new Cheese-Caramel flavor promises a perfect intermingling of sweet and salty, tangy and rich in every individual kernel.

Our customer Ross from Oregon says that this flavor is “a great combination of sweet and savory. One of the best flavored popcorns I’ve ever had.” Another customer, Kim was worried because she thought “this flavor sounds odd.” But she gave it a try and was so glad she did; “Yummy! Time to order another bag.”

We’re big fans of our new fantastic fundraising option, Cheese-Caramel, and we recommend you try it soon. With 50% profit on each item, no upfront costs, and no minimum orders—Popcorn Palace fundraising can help any size organization or organization type meet their fundraising needs!

For more information on popcorn fundraising, fill out the form below:

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