Team Popcorn: Marching for Infant Health

8 Oct

11091524_1569238273348230_744427924084313701_nWhen Nicole Miller was pregnant with Scott, her second son, she and her husband decided to keep the name they had chosen for him a secret. Scott’s older brother (then age three) was not okay with the decision. After deciding that the baby needed to have his own name, he chose to name his unborn brother after his favorite snack – and this is how Scott was dubbed “Baby Popcorn”.

Soon, the Millers were calling the unborn baby by his new nickname, and Baby Popcorn became something of a family celebrity. When Scott was born at 37 weeks old, the family celebrated – but unfortunately, their celebration was quickly replaced with the realization that something was wrong.
His mother says, “He never cried, he barely ever moved, and he had no primitive reflexes. It was like he was in a coma. They ran test after test and no one could figure out what was going on.”

Scott’s doctors were not optimistic, and as the days passed, the family’s hope began to fade. And then tragedy struck – after just two short weeks on this earth, Baby Popcorn passed away.

The Millers chose to transform their family tragedy into advocacy. They made the conscious decision to honor the memory of their son Scott, by joining the March of Dimes – a non-profit organization who strives to promote infant health. Their mission – to support education and research which improves the survival of infants by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

“Three years ago,” says Nicole, “we formed a team for the March for Babies walk, in memory of our son, Scott. Our name is Team Popcorn. We knew, once we decided to form a team, that it had to be called Popcorn, since that was his name during my pregnancy.”

When looking for sponsors for their walk for infant health, the Millers were excited to discover Popcorn Palace. They knew instantly that Popcorn Palace’s fundraising program was perfect for their efforts – a delicious, nutritious, and healthy popcorn, made from all-natural ingredients.
“If we were going to sell popcorn to our friends and family it had to be something healthy – and that tastes great!” says Nicole. “Lucky for us, we found the Popcorn Palace – and we now have our family and friends addicted. Our fundraising was such a success! And, so many people were asking for more that we ended up holding a second round of sales a few weeks later.”

The Miller family didn’t stop there. Though they have already raised more than $6000 for the March of Dimes, they intend to continue devoting their time and efforts to the cause. According to Nicole, “Our team is walking in March for Babies because we want to honor our Scott’s memory, by helping other babies live full, healthy lives. We want to help other families never have to go through the pain that we live with everyday.”

You can support Team Popcorn in their March for Babies by clicking here – or to find out more about how Popcorn Palace can help you raise funds for your charitable cause, contact us today.

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