Cheerleading for the Win!

1 Oct

After months of perfecting your routine and building your skills, you’re finally ready to take on the year’s big competitions! In our final installment of our Cheerleading Series, we will be looking at two of the most prestigious competitions in cheerleading – Cheerleading Worlds Championship and The Summit Championship.

Time to Show Off your Hard Work

Committing to hours of hard work leads to a beautiful display of mastery and skill. Pushing for a championship earns your more than a title, it invites you into selective group of peers who share your same drive and passion. Major championships allow squads a chance to go head-to-head with the best in a challenge of heart.

At the top of cheerleading competitions, two stand out as being the most sought after – The Cheerleading Worlds Championship and The Summit. The two competitions are the most competitive in cheerleading because they only invite squads who have already won championships.

Cheerleading Worlds Championship

Cheerleading Worlds Championship is hosted by the United States All Star Federation (USASF) in the spring as one of the premier international championships in cheerleading. USASF is a non-profit, founded in 2003 with the core principle of creating standards for safety rules, competition rules, and sportsmanship to dance and cheerleading.

The annual Cheerleading Worlds Championship is one of the largest of its kind. The tournament invites over 40 countries around the world to qualify their top squads with over 100 squads in competition. Only level 5 and 6 squads who have won accredited national competitions will receive a bid to qualify.

The tournament is a weeklong at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and is broadcasted LIVE by ESPN. The competition is divided into size classes and skill levels.

Building a Legacy

Historically, the majority of squads competing in the Cheerleading Worlds Championship have been American, but that number has been changing. Previous tournaments have seen a growing number of international cheerleading squads join the competition.

Each year, countries such as the Netherlands, Columbia, China, New Zealand, and Canada have bring talented squads that have won championships. Canada has been particularly dominant in the international classes with the United States and New Zealand standing not too far behind.

The Summit – Varsity All Star Cheerleading Championship

The Summit is a newer tournament hosted by Varsity All Star as the definitive all-level national cheerleading championship. Varsity All Star is one of the largest cheerleading companies in the United States. Along with The Summit, they hosts over 250 tournaments and sponsors more than 800 gyms that range a multitude of divisions across the country.

The Summit is a summer 3-day event that also takes place at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and it will be broadcasted LIVE by ESPN. Competition at The Summit is fierce, qualifying only the top 10% of all squads in the United States.

Bids to compete are given to squads who participate and win Varsity sponsored cheerleading competitions, including a Wild Card round for entry into The Summit. Winners of the Wild Card round will advance to the Finals with second place advancing to the Semi-Final competition.

The spirit of competition brings out the best in everyone. Cheerleading championships are an exciting opportunity to meet other squads who are fueled by the same love for the sport as you, and it all starts with the first step. For information about fundraising to start your pursuit for a championship, visit our fundraising page or fill out our contact form below!



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