Fundraising for Cheerleading

24 Sep

Like most other sports and physical activities, the cost associated with being a cheerleader depends on the fervor of cheerleading program. Naturally, more prestigious cheerleading programs will be more expensive with specialized trainers and gym equipment. Cheerleaders Cheering at Game 5

Paying for fees and equipment isn’t only for club-sponsored squads. The majority of school districts don’t have cheerleading as an official sport and is instead recognized as a school-hosted extracurricular activity. This means cheerleaders have to get creative and work together to find ways of raising money.

How Much Would I Need?

The start of any good fundraising campaign start with understanding how much you need. According to Cincy Magazine, parents can expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,000 a year in tuition and competition fees for an all-star club program. This doesn’t include the cost of uniforms and other accessories that come with cheerleading.  For most programs, the cost of uniforms, megaphones, shoes and pom poms can reach into the hundreds.

Competition fees vary with the level of competition. Larger events are more expensive to participate in than smaller community events. However, the level of competition and prestige is higher at the large events, giving your squad the chance to earn greater bragging rights. It’s also important to consider the amount of competitions the cheerleading squad will have as this can lead to more expenses, like travel and hotels. Fortunately, there are many fundraising opportunities available to take help pay for uniforms and fees.

Start Fundraising

Get Organized

After your squad has an idea of how much money they need you can begin fundraising. It is always a good idea to have a balance sheet to help your squad stay organized about how much money you’re making compared to the cost of fundraising. We wrote a blog with more tips for a successful fundraiser here.

All good fundraisers start with well-planned ideas. You wouldn’t want to sell hot chocolate during the summer or have an out-door talent show during the winter. Brainstorm with your squad for fundraising ideas that are interesting for your customers and ways to use your individual talents.

For example, does your squad have good singers and musicians? Consider starting a singing telegram for your neighborhood. Does your squad like to bake? The traditional bake sale is a time tested fundraiser that has worked well for many cheerleading squads. Thinking of ways to use what you have will help you save on costs as you fundraise.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers tend to come in two types – selling a good or service and selling an event. Both of them have their strengths and risks. If it’s within your squad’s budget, doing both will help you spread your risk to maximize your fundraising.

  1. Selling a good or service: carwashes, bake sales, merchandise, calendars, hotdogs, candy bars, coupon books and gourmet popcorn have always been a successful fundraising strategy. Your squad will see money made with each item sold allowing you to better control your budget and expand operations. However, this will require you to keep track of inventory and interest in the good or service tends to wain overtime. Keep a list of fresh ideas to keep your squad’s fundraising momentum.
  2. Fundraising Events: fashion or talent shows, pep rallies, walk-a-thons, garage sales, spaghetti dinners, bloc parties, raffles and sport tournaments can fundraise a lot of money. You can either charge admission, set an entry fee, or ask for donations. But be warned, events take a lot of time and resources to organize. It also asks that people attend or participate for them to be successful. If too few people are interested in the event you run the risk of spending over budget.

Look for Partnerships

Partnering with a local business is a great way to get the community involved in your squad’s pursuit for a championship. Local businesses can grant you access to resources that you many not otherwise have, such as a venue, sound systems, tables and chairs. Having access to resources allows you to try larger ventures for your fundraising campaign, raising more money in less time.

Fundraising allows your team to get creative and practice entrepreneurship. The time spent earning your way to a championship makes the spirit of competition all the better, bringing your squad closer together to reach your goals. If you’re interested in more information about fundraising in your area, fill out our contact form below! For more information on popcorn fundraising, visit our popcorn fundraising page. We help cheerleading organizations raise 50% of profit on each item sold.

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