The Road to Championship

18 Sep

Winning is never easy, the pursuit of a championship is an ambition shared by many talented cheerleaders who have worked hard to get where they are. For our second part of the series, we will be looking at what it takes to be a competitive cheerleader!

Squads from all over the country spend hours training together perfecting their routines and building their strength to shine above the rest of the competition. Competitive cheerleading has multiple divisions and tournaments for cheerleaders of every age, skill level, and region. Squads that do well at their local competitions can advance for State and National titles against the best!

The will to win

­­­At competition, squads will have 2 ½ minutes to impress the judges, putting everything they have into that one performance. To stay in top shape, squads spend hours training at gyms together to work on their routines for weeks. With so much effort and dedication on the line, it’s no wonder that cheerleading has seen some of the most hardworking athletes in the world.

A spirit of dedication

One such athlete is Macy Hoyler of Cheer Elite gym in Amarillo, Texas. Macy is one of her gym’s top athletes who spends more than six-hours, every day, and training to better her skills and inspire her team.

Macy’s dedication is not something her coaches take lightly. Macy’s dedication will stop at nothing to reach her goals. Her skill, talent, and heart help drive her squad as they compete around the State of Texas to win.

The power of teamwork

Many athletes dream of competing on a world stage. For cheerleading, this is the Cheerleading Worlds Championship in Orlando, Florida. The 2015 competition proved to be another exciting year for cheerleading as Cheer Extreme All-Stars Coed Elite from Kernersville, North Carolina earned their first championship.

At first, Cheer Extreme’s chances at winning a championship seemed lost as two of their best tumblers had to draw from competition due to injuries. But Cheer Extreme didn’t give up. In true squad fashion, Cheer Extreme pulled off a flawless routine to win their world championship.

The cost of competition

Like most athletic programs, there are costs – traveling, competition fees, membership fees, equipment – associated with the activity. Competitions are held across the country with winning squads gaining entry to larger, more prestigious events. Squads that are looking to compete will need to go on tour for local, regional, and national competitions. On average, club-sponsored squads attend 8 to 10 competitions per-year with at least one major trip.

Joining an elite cheerleading program at a gym can average between $2,000 to $3,000 a year, not including the cost of uniforms, shoes, and makeup. Since cheerleading is extremely physical, most gyms require a certain level of health insurance before cheerleaders are allowed to practice. Luckily, cheerleading has a long tradition of raising money through community fundraisers and events.

Raise money with fundraising

There are many fundraising opportunities that pair well with cheerleading. Squads can partner with pep rallies, walk-a-thons, block parties, talent and fashion shows, and ticketed sporting events to raise money by charging admission. Squads can also host their own events, such as bake sales, car washes, penny drives, and other events to help cover the cost of expenses.

To help squads reach their competition goals, we’ve compiled a list of fundraising ideas and other resources, such as permission slips, to get you started on your road to a championship! If you’re interested in more information about fundraising in your area, fill out our contact form below!

Contact Popcorn Palace with any fundraising questions you may have, and visit us at our Popcorn Palace fundraising page.

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