Helping the Saint Florian Center Raise Money to Help At-Risk Youth

2 Sep

Saint Florian LogoThe Saint Florian Center is a not-for-profit youth leadership organization that was developed in 1992 by Indianapolis Firefighters who wanted to make a difference in their community. The mission of the organization is to “provide at-risk Indianapolis youth an opportunity to foster leadership skills, develop problem solving methods, and survival tactics through a variety of programming and opportunities in the community in order to create leaders of tomorrow.”

The center runs a wide variety of programs including after-school programs, tobacco free programs, college preparation workshops, and more. As the summer of 2015 comes to a close, Popcorn Palace is highlighting the Saint Florian summer camp. We spoke with Anthony Williamson, the executive director of the Saint Florian Center and a 30 year veteran firefighter. He explained all about the summer camp and his experience with Popcorn Palace fundraising.

The Saint Florian summer camp brings together Indianapolis youth from all different backgrounds to bond and work on important leadership skills. There are three age groups: the junior cadets ages 6-9, the core cadets ages 10-13, and the cash club ages 14-17.

Over a seven week period, the camp focuses on the following topics: art, computer and tech, philanthropy, business, STEM, and law Saint Florian Center Participantsand government. Students are selected to fill leadership roles each week including mayor, deputy, and conduct officer. The roles are changed at the end of the week, and the goal is to have each student hold at least one leadership role during camp.

Parents in the Indianapolis community aren’t always able to pay for the summer camp, and the summer camp provides everything for its participants including food, transportation, and supplies. Although they have volunteers that help, the center needs paid staff to run a daily seven week long camp. So, in order to continue helping the youth of Indianapolis, the center raises money through donations and multiple fundraisers.

Popcorn Palace has been helping the Saint Florian Leadership Center raise money for their summer camp for three years. The funds help cover costs of supplies and the trips at the end of the camp. So what does the process look like?

Before the camp starts, the center hosts a parents’ night to introduce families to the fundraisers and distribute relevant information. Anthony remarked that he’s happy with how quickly the information from Popcorn Palace comes. The center passes out two brochures for each family, so multiple people can help with the fundraiser, and they set a two week deadline for orders.

Anthony’s favorite part of the process is the online ordering spreadsheet from Popcorn Palace. He says that they don’t have to create individual spreadsheets anymore, and this makes it much easier to check his and the student parents’ math.

We are proud that they have chosen us to help their organization, and we look forward to helping the Saint Florian Center raise money for their upcoming programs and workshops for years to come. If you are interested in donating to this amazing organization, they do collect donations here. They are a wonderful organization!

If you have any questions about fundraising opportunities for your own organization or event, then you can request a free fundraising information kit from Popcorn Palace today.

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