Welcome Back to School!

28 Aug

Many schools throughout the United States are either preparing for their first week of school or are wrapping up their first week back.  We, here at Popcorn Palace, would like to say “Welcome back!” to faculty, students, and staff.

We love the start of school; it’s full of hope, plans, and excitement! The heat of summer has mostly passed, and everyone is reacquainting with friends they might not have seen for months. The start of school is also a perfect opportunity to set the school year up for success. Now is the time to start planning ahead and get started early on projects that will ultimately come to fruition further on in the year. We have 5 recommendations to help teachers and staff prepare for the 2015/2016 school year.

Re-Establish Your School Rhythm

This is the same advice I’d give students as well as faculty: jump back into a schedule immediately. The first weeks of school are going to be overwhelming, but make absolutely sure you’re getting into a set rhythm early on. Set aside structured time to sit down and focus, make sure you complete your homework prep, and if possible, avoid procrastinating because your “finish-it-later-pile” will quickly grow out of control.

Stock Up on Supplies

Everything is on sale for back to school, so think about what you might need well into the school year and stock up now, if possible. This might include school supplies, club supplies, and party supplies. Just an added tip, but we also recommend that you keep track of these supplies because we do have an educator expense deduction for qualified expenses as a teacher, counselor, principle, or aide. You might have heard it before… but have too much and too many of everything. You almost always need it.

Create Your Yearly Calendar

Schedules get overwhelming quickly. We’re usually focused on those first few weeks because they can be truly jam-packed. We recommend looking ahead though and getting future events onto the calendar. You’ll gain more control and be less surprised with upcoming events. What and when are major after-school events you need to be aware of? What are administrative deadlines and functions you should consider? Calendars can absolutely give you a command center that helps you keep your busy life straight.

Think Fundraising Early

We are a fundraising company, so of course, we’re always thinking about fundraising. One of the questions or concerns we frequently get from clients is… I need to fundraise immediately, what can I do? We can help at the last minute because we try to make fundraising as easy as possible, but it’ll make you feel better if you plan ahead with your fundraising needs. Contact fundraising companies early for information, pick your plan, and have the events set up well ahead of time. Fundraisers typically can raise more money, if they have more time for each step. If you’d like fundraising information for the start of the school year, please contact us, we’d be happy to help!

Be Ready for Anything

And last but not least, you need to be ready for anything. Although this list is all about preparation… you need to be flexible and adaptable. No matter how much you prepare, something surprising will happen. Students and administration will be impressing if when something goes awry, you can handle it quickly and gracefully.

Good luck and have a wonderful 2015/2016 school year!!


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