Recognizing the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)

20 Aug

For this week’s showcase, we are honoring the World Wildlife Foundation, otherwise known as WWF. Their mission is to inspire communities to take action in conserving the environment for all to enjoy for generations!panda-bear

WWF started in 1961 as a small group of wildlife enthusiasts, growing into one of the largest independent conservation organizations in the world. WWF stays active in over 100 countries on 5 continents, working with world leaders to enact sustainable development programs, protection laws for endangered species, and habitat preservation. The organization focuses its efforts on two broad areas: biodiversity and ecological footprint.

They focus on biodiversity to ensure that nature stays healthy and vibrant through the conservation of key locations and critical species that play ecologically critical roles. WWF helps biodiversity by working with local businesses and land owners to find practical solutions to problems like overfishing, pesticides, and poaching.

Ecological footprints are the negative impacts of human activity left in nature that requires intervention. WWF works to fix our ecological footprint by conducting research and implementing better methods for growing crops, managing fisheries, gathering energy, and dealing with waste through the support of private donors and government funding.

WWF works tirelessly with the support of nature enthusiasts to conserve wildlife for future generations to enjoy.  One such enthusiast is nine year-old Sean Hutton from Guelph, Toronto, Canada who started the first Polar Bear Walk two years ago at his school. Sean Hutton fell in love with his favorite animal, the polar bear, after watching a documentary on climate change with his family.

After learning about the harmful effects of climate change, Sean asked his friends and school to walk to school to keep cars off the road and reduce carbon emission. His walk was a big success, raising $910 to support WWF’s work in the Arctic!

This year, the Polar Bear walk grew as more students from other schools joined Sean in his walk to save the polar bears. Inspired by the students, three schools have agreed to encourage their students to walk home from school to support the Polar Bear Walk.

Kids and teens can get involved in wildlife conservation by joining Panda Nation, a community where WWF supports can help protect wildlife. Panda Nation lets classrooms, sports teams, and passionate individuals create their own fundraising campaign to help conserve clean water, start sustainable farming projects, and protect the oceans and forests. Supporters can even create fundraising campaigns to protect their favorite animal. Whether its pandas, elephants or tigers, a Panda Nation campaign will help WWF protect your favorite animals around the world!

Stay posted for next week’s showcase another non-profit whose work inspires communities to join together to support a good cause. If you have any questions on how to start a fundraiser for a non-profit near you, feel free to contact us below!

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