Recognizing The ASPCA

24 Jul

6461531797_fd5b913bdb_zThis summer, Popcorn Palace will recognize the work of amazing fundraisers and their charities. This week, we are looking at the ASPCA, an organization that stands against animal cruelty and builds support for pets and pet parents!

The Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has grown into one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the world with more than a million supporters across the country. Acting on the principle of defending the rights of at-risk animals, they’ve become a fore-front of animal rescue and health services in North America. Their mission is made possible through the involvement of pet parents and animal lovers. One such hero is Annika Glover, who at eleven-years old selflessly chose to help animals in need while battling Medulloblastoma.

Annika Glover suffered from Medulloblastoma, a rare and fast-growing brain tumor that jeopardized her health. She received comfort from the Make-A-Wish foundation with a wish, and despite her medical struggle, Annika used her one wish to donate $7,000 to the Pets Are Worth Saving (P.A.W.S.) animal rescue group in Florence, Alabama. Because of her courage and love for animals, the ASPCA presented Annika with the ASPCA Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year. The ASPCA is also happy to report that Annika’s cancer is in remission!

Annika’s love stands as a testament to the compassion that pet parents and friends have for animals.  The ASCPA provides pet parents and friends with an extensive network of knowledge and resources for to help maintain the health of their pets. The organization connects pet parents to low-cost spay or neuter programs around the country, as well as an animal hospital equipped with emergency services in New York City.

In instances of animal cruelty, the ASPCA are first responders. The ASPCA Animal Forensic Services Team works with local law enforcement and other agencies to collect and analyze evidence to give conviction against puppy millers, animal hoarders, and animal fighters. The largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history was run by the ASPCA in 2009, spanning 8 states, 100 arrests, and the seizure of 500 dogs in one day.

Factory farming of animals has been an ongoing battle for the ASPCA, whose practices are cruel and the harm permanent. To curb factory farming and other acts of cruelty, the ASPCA Field Investigation and Response Team assist local law enforcement and shelters with the rescue and medical treatment for those in need. Once the animals are saved and cared for, they are put up for adoption to a loving home.

The ASPCA team relies on the hard work of their volunteers and the kindness of their donors to help them continue their mission in servicing animals. The ASPCA has many programs that allow animal supporters to get involved in raising money to aid animals in need. Such programs include – donating your birthday, starting a memorial campaign, and creating a wedding page. These programs allow your community to get involved in the fundraising process for animals in need.

Next week, we will be highlighting another charity and the great work that they do for the community. If you have any questions on how to find or start a fundraiser for a charity near you, please contact us below!

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