Series: Honoring Those Who Make a Difference

15 Jul

Popcorn Palace is happy to announce that we are launching a weekly showcase series highlighting organizations that have made a difference! The showcase will be a 5-part series, presenting the remarkable work of non-profit organizations, what they are doing for their communities and the heroes who make it all possible.

Next week, we will showcase the work of the ASPCA – a nationwide organization dedicated to the rescue and treatment of animals and the support of pet parents. The ASPCA works with shelters to provide medical attention and assistance to animals in need. They are also active in pet training and pet care advice for pet parents.

Non-profit organizations empower the people of their communities to do great things for others. One such person is Annika Glover, a courageous eleven-year-old girl who despite suffering from Medulloblastoma sought the help of the Make-A-Wish foundation to gift $7,000 for animal rescue in Florence, Alabama. Annika’s love for animals is an inspiration to the ASPCA and animal lovers who hear her story. In 2014, Annika was awarded the Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year Award to honor her bravery.

This weekly series will feature a variety of non-profit organizations and will explore the impact that these charities have on the lives of those in need, as well as fun youth-led projects organized by the groups to help kids and teens get more involved in their communities. Getting youth involved in a project is a great way to teach compassion for others and the power of teamwork. It teaches youth about the needs of their community and the power they posses to make a difference.

Stay tuned for next week’s showcasing of the ASPCA and Annika Glover! We’ll have a new post about another exciting organization and their heroes, along with ways to get involved. See you all next week!

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