5 Steps to Start Fundraising Today

26 Jun

Starting a fundraiser can be an intimidating task. It requires a lot of organization, creativity, resources, and planning to be successful. We’ve narrowed the process down into 5 easy steps that will pop life into your fundraising goals.

Step 1: Determine Your Fundraising Goals

A good place to start is with the end goal in mind. Ask yourself – how much money do I want to raise and how much time do I have to raise it? Raising $2,000 in 5 weeks is easier than raising $5,000 in 2 weeks. Understanding the answers to these two questions will give you the scope needed to organize your fundraising goals.

Step 2: Write a Simple Business Plan

To achieve your goals, you need a plan. Structure the business plan around your target audience. Consider who you’re asking funds from and why your fundraiser matters to them. Make note of your resources – such as time, materials, startup money, and helpers. Understanding your audiences and your resources will help you build the infrastructure needed to achieve your fundraising goals.

Step 3: Pick a Fundraiser

Connecting your target market to your goals makes the fundraiser happen. This is where you determine how you will be raising money. There are three types of fundraisers: Appeal Fundraising, Event Fundraising, and Product Fundraising. All three fundraisers are unique in their method of fundraising.

Appeal Fundraising is most beneficial when your target market is able to make large donations when you reach out to them. The costs of Appeal Fundraising are minimal and fundraising can start immediately. However, Appeal Fundraising can be difficult because you are asking for a donation without an exchange.

Event Fundraising can be a fun opportunity for the entire community. Money can be raised through participation in benefit concerts, walk-a-thons, talent shows, and dinner fundraisers. It’s important to consider the amount of resources needed in an Event Fundraiser. Upfront costs can vary dramatically and the amount of time needed to plan the event can take months.

Product Fundraising, like we do at Popcorn Palace, is the most predictable of the three types of fundraisers. Money is raised from the profits made on the sale of a product. Depending on the company you partner with or the product you are selling, upfront costs and preparation are minimal. We require no up-front costs, and our partners make 50% profit on each item.

Step 4: Make Contact and Start Organizing

After picking the type of fundraiser you want to do, contact organizations that you’d like to partner with for more information. Start organizing your team that will help you with the fundraiser. Gather your resources and start fundraising.

If you’re working with a school or youth organization, we’ve written a blog post containing resources and documents you’ll need to better manage your fundraiser. You can read about it here.

Step 5: Put the Fun in Fundraising

Don’t forget to have fun! Fundraising is a great way to unite a community for a good cause. Make the experience memorable for your community and it’ll bring smiles all around! If you need any help with fundraising ideas or advice, read our blog articles for helpful fundraising tips or contact Popcorn Palace today!

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