Resources and Documents for Better Popcorn Fundraising

18 Jun

Organizing and managing a successful fundraiser takes time and energy. We’ve collected a list of different documents that might help you along the way.

Permission Slips: If you’re working in a youth organization, making sure everyone is informed and onboard is essential. Have a clear and informative permission slip template that the participating children can take home to their parents. Parents can sign off and have all relevant information. You can also include helpful information for how parents can support their kids and the organization in general.

Fundraising Policies: If you’re an organization that needs to do fundraisers on a regular basis, then you need to draft fundraising policies, which would include best practices for management, accountability, and transparency. Your policies should include everything you’ve learned from your history of fundraising and very detailed information on your organization’s principles, solicitation rules, and use of fundraising funds—just to name a few. You can read through different fundraiser’s policy examples online to help you draft your own.

Direct Mail Fundraising Letter: We recommend that you also write a direct mail fundraising letter. They introduce your campaign and product to your relevant audience. What you write in the letter is really dependent on the type of fundraiser you are doing and who your audience is. We’ve written a more in-depth guide to the direct mail fundraising letter, and you can read more about it here on this blog post.

Posters: Successful fundraisers incorporate energetic and stylish announcements. Create a variety of different posters to post in your organization and in surrounding communities. If you’re doing a school fundraiser, put posters up in the classroom to inspire your students and put posters up throughout the entire school, so everyone knows about the fundraiser! You can also ask local stores, if they’d be willing to put up a poster in their business. Simple marketing can take your fundraisers to new levels!

Record keepers: If you’re doing a product oriented fundraiser, then you’ll definitely have all of your sales sheets. This is necessary to keep track of who orders what, so the right fundraising products can be delivered to the right people. Along with these sales sheets, you can use an overall record keeper to track your entire group’s sales. You can use very clean and practical record keepers (an easy excel spreadsheet can be ideal) or you can use a large, graphic oriented record keepers (like a poster) to inspire your organization with big visuals and interactive possibilities.

Thank you letters: Don’t forget to offer gratitude for everyone that helps make your fundraiser a success. Create thank you letters for the parents, community members, managers, and the participants themselves. Templates can help you, but putting a customized and personal touch to each letter can make them stand out.

What can fundraising teach you? One last thought… if you’re working with students then you can turn fundraising into helpful life lessons. You can create lessons about what fundraisers teach students—from financial lessons to goal setting and marketing. You can also ask your students to create their own fundraising documents about how they feel about the process and what they’ve learned.

Here at Popcorn Palace, we want to help you with all of your fundraising needs. If you want examples of fundraising documents that we send to organizations, please contact us. We’d love to help you on your fundraising journey.

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