Is Butter Flavored Popcorn Bad For Your Health?

5 Jun

Popcorn has long been a favorite option for healthy snacking, though it has recently been receiving quite a bit of negative news coverage. Recent scrutiny of commercially-used artificial butter flavoring (specifically, a chemical called diacetyl) has kicked up quite a bit of controversy about the health benefits of popcorn.

At Popcorn Palace, we believe your health comes first – and we’d love to shed some light on the subject.

To start, diacetyl is a chemical included in microwave or theatre popcorn – it’s that buttery-yellow substance which gives microwave popcorn it’s distinctive aroma. A byproduct of the fermentation process of butter, beer, and vinegar, diacetyl is also synthetically produced for use by food companies, because of its irresistible flavor and smell.

Better safe, than sorry.

Recent studies have linked diacetyl to lung damage (caused by breathing its vapors) as well as potential brain-related health risks. It is currently unclear whether eating foods containing diacetyl (which is used in both microwave and theatre popcorn, as well as other snack foods and baked goods) might increase the risk of developing brain-related issues such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The concerns are significant enough that companies have already begun removing diacetyl from use. Still, removing diacetyl from microwave and theatre popcorn doesn’t necessarily make it safe – as several substitute ingredients are also suspected to hold negative impact on consumer health.

So, is buttered popcorn still okay to eat?

The short answer is, yes – as long as it is made with real butter, or other natural ingredients, such as those used by Popcorn Palace. Our products contain no artificial additives or flavorings, ever – so you can rest assured that our products are a safe and healthy snacking alternative.

Our delicious gourmet treats are prepared using the finest natural ingredients. We use high-quality popcorn, and celebrate its natural flavor by highlighting it with the best mix-ins – crafting custom flavors with integrity. We preserve the naturally occurring qualities of popcorn (which is high in body-friendly whole grains, fiber, and antioxidants) by producing our popcorn in small batches – so that you can experience this healthy snack in all of its glory!

So, popcorn lovers rejoice! You don’t have to give up this crunchy and satisfying snack. Just dump the artificially-flavored popcorn, just take a look at Popcorn Palace for delicious and healthy popcorn snacks.

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